Bragging on me!

I just completed my latest baby floor play pad.  It will be winging its way to a certain pregnant cousin in Idaho soon. 🙂

I had SO much fun quilting this! I played with squares, rectangles, triangles, curves and changing thread colors.

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6 responses to “Bragging on me!

  1. What A Hoot

    Lovely. The flannel sticking to carpet is good thought.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Thanks. It took me a while to work out how to make what I wished I’d had for my kids. I didn’t want them doing tummy time on the carpet itself, both because it was never all that clean and because they spewed body fluids from every orifice.

      But when I put a blankie down, they’d invariably get tangled in it when trying to figure out how to roll over and back, then get up on their hands and knees and finally maneuver into an actual crawl.

      The keys were to double up on the batting, which I recently switched to woven flannel for washing durability after I saw my oldest quilt’s batting disintegrate and clump up inside the little quilted compartments grr, and use flannel for the back side.

      These take so long to make, I limit them to one per household. Baby Bunny is now using the one I made for Buzz, who adored it. Mama Buzz said he would spend some time each day just STUDYING some small bit of it. And when she would return it after a washing, he’d bounce and giggle to see it again.

      Having a little one CHERISH something I made just makes me feel so GOOD, you know?


      • GP

        Your quilts are so beautiful. Do you sell them? I have always wanted one of those watercolor type quilts of Lincoln for my Lincoln Bedroom.
        Do you do the quilting by hand or machine?


        • chrissythehyphenated

          I only quilt for people I love. I pray while I’m working, especially while the machine is humming. My favorite is, “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior, Have mercy on us.” It works well with the rhythm of the needle going up and down. I like to think the prayers soak into the fabric and warm the recipient for years after.

          I tried hand quilting once on two small projects. I finished them, because I’m anal that way, but I did not enjoy the process,

          I did sell a quilt once, a long time ago, because the person I was making it for did something horrible to me and I couldn’t bear to gift it to her or anyone else. I was trying to think how to get the hurt of it out of my house when a disabled friend said she wished she had money enough to get a really great baby gift from an infertile friend who had JUST gotten the wonderful news they’d be getting an infant! I offered her the quilt for whatever she could afford.

          Turned out, the new mom was a quilter, even belonged to 2 clubs. She took my quilt to both and reported back via my friend that it got raves! In fact, she wanted to know my name, so she could embroider it and the date on the back. I was very insecure about my quilting then, so that was such a blessing. 🙂


        • chrissythehyphenated

          I love your idea for a watercolor portrait. But I must resist temptation! Years and years ago, I made a New Year Resolution to FINISH MY UFOs. (UnFinished Objects.) I’m still working on that (which has spared me having to make any new resolutions LOL).

          I am anal, but there was this period of my life when I was struggling with being really and truly homebound (as opposed to being able to look forward to getting out briefly sometimes), but did not yet have the internet.

          My “friends” forgot I existed for the most part. I think some meant to come visit. The worst ones said so, but didn’t. Don’t ever do that to someone who is homebound. It’s like offering a cup of water out to a man lost in the desert and then pouring the water on the ground in front of him. I think after air, water and food, people need people more than anything.

          Anyway, it was pre-Democrat economy when I could still afford my share of the bills and have some money left over for myself. I discovered I could buy quilting supplies from catalogs and went on a fabric creativity BINGE. I just kept thinking of new ideas, whipping up tops, but then having yet another IDEA that just had to be tried.

          Net result … a stack of UFOs …. tops mostly, though some are not finished (stuck what to do next) and a couple are just bags of fabric with an idea attached LOL.

          Then the Democrats happened and we watched our little $$ cushion shrink to nothing and then beyond. We’re in a hole now, which God knew would happen when I still NEEDED my quilting to keep me sane. The internet, esp YOU GUYS!!, make the biggest difference, but I’m an artist. I get real cranky if I don’t have something tactile and colorful and crafty happening every day.

          Still … a watercolor quilted portrait. Cool idea! [Tucking away for maybe someday.]