If the roof leaks, you don’t tear out the foundation!

But that’s what ObamaCare amounts to. In 2009, the huge majority of Americans were HAPPY with their health care choices and a solid majority did NOT want ObamaCare passed. The Democrat majority in Washington passed it anyway.

Yes, the health care system fails some, but these are “leaks in the roof” problems that Republicans had PLANS to address. Democrats yapped that Republicans had no plan, but that was just a blatant lie. Republicans proposed multiple health care reform bills in Congress that the Democrat majority REFUSED TO BRING TO A VOTE.

The Republicans plans did NOT involve the government taking control of the health care industry and taxing us all into oblivion. But that’s exactly what Democrats want … bigger government and higher taxes. Why? Because it concentrates all the power and money in THEIR hands.

If elected, Mitt Romney has promised to stop this wholesale demolition of the health care system that actually works well for most Americans. He wants to start over, look seriously at those Republican plans the Democrats ignored and pick the ones that look most likely to “fix the leaks.”

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  1. Thanks Chrissy! You gave me the perfect opening to post a bunch of stuff that’s been accumulating in my “Obamacare” file. 🙂

    p.s. I wore my new Chrissy Original necklace last night to the theater and got lots of compliments! The play was the world premier of “The Cat of Coultan County,” a new work by a local playwright. It was amazing, especially since my son had the lead role (which is not the title role!).


  2. Another Obamacare graphic that’s kind of cool in a very creepy way (suitable for Halloween):

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Ew. Creepy indeed! Love all the graphics youse guys added! Thanks for making my posty better!!


      • My problem is I’m always collecting stuff off the interwebs, but then it just sort of sits in one of my files until I get inspired to write a post that relates to them, or someone like you or Pete posts something that provides the opening. 🙂