Obama’s lady parts campaign backfired

ADDED by CtH courtesy of our regular visitor, Mindful Webworker,

ADDED by CtH, thanks to link at a link posted in comments by Mindful.

RamZPaul is kind of a White Democrat version of our own Zo. Love what he has to say here:

RamZPaul: I want Democrat vaginas out of my wallet [3:06]


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4 responses to “Obama’s lady parts campaign backfired

  1. Did you know this was just touched on at Zilla? Maybe, minutes apart. Impressive.

    My version.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Another example of the very high regard in which all Lefties hold women @ https://twitter.com/Cornbread0194/status/258684511645229057
    WARNING: Crude Language


  3. Oot! Just saw m’graphic got displayed here. Cool! Likedback from MW. 😀