Clinton is not going quietly under Obama’s bus

It looks like Hillary is properly accepting responsibility for the State Department’s refusal to provide adequate security to our ambassador in Libya.

But she’s definitely not falling on her sword over that stupid YouTube baloney.

There’s important evidence to support Hillary’s position.

1. State Department officials testified before Congress that they had been monitoring the situation in Libya and had seen no protests against the film.

2. U.S. ambassadors (like Susan Rice) are appointed by and operate under the jurisdiction of the White House. Rice could not have made the rounds of every Sunday morning news show blatting that the YouTube video had motivated the attacks without having received specific direction to do so from the White House.

And while we’re on the subject of Lies vs Intel …


H/t Pistol Pete and Angelaisms


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3 responses to “Clinton is not going quietly under Obama’s bus

  1. Obama is continuing to lie, but I think that he is about to do something very stupid.