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The latest whackadoodle anti-Romney meme

On the Dumb-O-Meter, this one is right up there with “I can see Russia from my house!” Even the New York Times says it’s not true.

Bain owns a majority share of Sensata stock.

But Mitt and Ann Romney have NO information about or impact on Bain’s decisions.

Moreover, many of the key people running Bain Capital Investors at this time are Democrats who support Obama.

There is also no “tax break” for outsourcing jobs to China.

There is a tax deduction allowed on moving costs, but those apply no matter where a company moves.

They could move next door, across town, to a new state. They’d still get to deduct the cost of the move.





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Posted by Pistol Pete

Coming up on three weeks until the day of liberation.Despite the reservations,I have a positive feeling about the prospects of ridding ourselves of the cancer that has infected our country for the last four years.Regardless of what happens at the debate tomorrow night,I can think of no way Obama could sway anybody who balances his hollow promises to the disaster he has wrought the last four years.None save the truly committed leftists can argue he has done nothing with the good of the country in mind.I can’t remember a Christmas morning as a child that I looked forward to as much as I do Nov. 7.I’d bet you something nice that I’m not the only one.


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Oct 15 Prayer for Our Nation

The Lord has heard my supplication;

The Lord will receive my prayer.

Psalm 6:9

Father, we thank You for hearing our petition. Strengthen us by the power of Your Spirit to live in such a way that glorifies You. Forgive us when we do things that displease You and separate us from Your presence. Lead us each day, that we might live lives that are pleasing to You. May You forever be praised. Amen.


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Was reduced security an Obama campaign strategy?

I mentioned this idea to Dearest … that the reduced security at our embassies could have been a perverse Democrat plot to produce a winning October Surprise for Obama … and he was amazed that anyone could even think such a thing.

I defended myself by citing this November 4, 2010, interview on MSNBC:

Mark Penn tells Chris Matthews Obama Needs Another Oklahoma City Bombing [:26]

Now … if you only look at approval numbers, Penn’s statement makes some sense. But you’d have to be a really twisted excuse for humanity to see approval numbers instead of dead bodies.

As much as I hate to believe my fellow Americans could be so warped, I have to admit these are the same people who lionized Ted Kennedy, the only man with a confirmed kill in the war on women.

Kevin DuJan at Hillbuzz blogged about this “October surprise” idea as if it was a lot more than a horrible possibility:

“Folks, more people are going to eventually go to jail for what happened at Benghazi than went to prison for Watergate. This is a coverup that goes directly to Barack Obama himself. I have friends who lived through Watergate and who repeatedly tell me they had no idea in the initial days after a ‘break-in was reported in Democrat offices’ that it would eventually topple Nixon and bring down so many powerful people. I love the woman on a personal level, but if Hillary Clinton knew about any of this and didn’t stop this scheme for a ‘hostage-taking October Surprise’ then she belongs in prison too…along with Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, and a host of other women and effeminate men who thought lowering security at consulates so ‘something would happen that we could use in October’ was a good idea.”

I hadn’t considered the hostage situation scenario. But when I looked at Carter’s post-Iranian hostage bump, I could see his point. In the long run, Carter made a total hash of that situation. But in the short run, he got enough of a boost that, if Obama had been able to score the same so close to Election Day, he’d have walked away with a second term in his pocket.

Obama has said his goal is to bring to justice those involved in this:

If that’s true, Obama may have to bring himself to justice. According to the news report below, his own people did not merely refuse requests from our Libyan embassy to send additional security; they actually ordered security that was already there to LEAVEright before the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks!

August 2012: Obama State Dept. Withdrew 16 Member Security Team From Libya Before Attack


October 12, 2012: Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and ranking member Susan Collins (R-Maine) announced the committee will investigate the events surrounding the death of four Americans in Libya, including the U.S. ambassador, Chris Stevens.

October 13, 2012: The President of the United States phoned in to the Michael Yo Show where he and Yo discussed the Big Issue, what Yo called “the elephant in the room” … could Barack Hussein Obama do ANYTHING to heal the rift between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey?

I am so sickened by all this, my stomach hurts and I want to weep.








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Posted by Pistol Pete

Were I a delusional,cold,unfeeling,aloof egomaniac convinced that I alone am the arbiter of all things, I would assume all of you await this post every day with bated breath,marveling at my sage wisdom,hanging on every syllable, just to make you wish you were half as smart as me.But then I would be the _resident and not a pot-bellied old white man trying to do my part to enlighten and entertain my friends.

Tomorrow is round two of the epic shtruggle between good and consummate evil.Barry claims he was ‘too nice’ at the last debacle and I look for him to try to pull a Biden by attacking Romney.This will endear him to the dregs who will vote for him no matter what,but do little,I believe, to help him with the independents he must have to con his way back into office.If Romney is as smart as I think he is,he will be well-prepared for the inevitable attacks on his 47% comments,Bain Capital, and blaming House Republicans for the Benghazi massacre.

Obama is desperate.He’s never faced an actual opponent where he had to stand on his own and not have his victory predetermined.I heard this morning there were rumors that the questions for this townhall-type forum were pre-screened,which is not supposed to happen.It would come as no surprise if it were true,since the media will do anything to save his bacon.In an intimate setting like this,Obama can seem human,almost lifelike, even though his forte is reading prepared speeches to adoring crowds.

Hopefully we see the real Mitt tomorrow night.Humble,resolute,in command of the facts,capable of offering solutions without the ‘malarkey’ we heard so much about from the Mouth That Roared last week.Obama knows he’s losing and desperation breeds contempt.When he starts to stutter and stammer for words he looks like a drowning man grasping for a lifeline.The Crowfoot will doubtless try to help him and Mitt must be ready to answer.This will not be a fair fight.They never are.

A blast from my HB past from CtH: In the spirit of Pete’s graphical contribution 🙂


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