Pray for Life

Bryan Kemper reported from Columbus, OH, where President Obama was speaking and about 20 abortion abolitionists were demonstrating.

Of course we were greeted with the usual profanities, we were spit upon, we were yelled at, we were harassed by the Obama volunteer team, we were harassed by the police who demanded they had the right to create a special bubble to limit free speech and so much more. Those that did engage with us could never answer a single point we made and just changed the subject or started chanting “four more years”.

Then there were the people who would look at the photos of aborted babies and start cheering like they were at a football game or say things like “I’m hungry”, “yummy” or things I will not repeat in this report.

Even with all the opposition most people could not take their eyes off the signs, they were staring at them and just looked in shock. Our prayer is that they go home and contemplate what they saw and seriously reconsider what they think about abortion. They have seen the truth and we pray that it will sink in and God will change their hearts.


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