These Sin Sick Souls

I couldn’t bring myself to look at the worst ones long enough to graphic them @


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  1. This is how they roll, which is why it makes me physically ill every damn time I see a democrat / liberal / progtard carry on about how mean-spirited conservatives are. And it’s not like the geniuses have to look hard to see it. Just read the comments to ANY post over on HuffBlow or half the tweets out there.


    • Someone posted a bunch of these on FB and I made the mistake of clicking on the link. Ugh. Why do liberals think it’s clever and funny to talk about wishing people had been aborted or wishing someone would be raped? I can’t imagine being so hateful. And I don’t understand how anyone can not be ashamed of being so hateful! If I ever had horrible thoughts like that about anyone, I would be too ashamed to verbalize them in a public forum. These folks seem downright proud of how full of hate they are.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        We had neighbors for a while who had a daughter the age of ours, so we visited to welcome them to the neighborhood. I was totally creeped out by them, their demeanor, the things they said and stuff they had in the house and tattooed on their bodies.

        I got the distinct impression they worshiped some form of Baal.

        Their daughter went to the same after school care mine did and the care provider talked to me about this kid once. She had spent her entire adult life working with 5 and unders. My kids flourished in her program.

        She said this kid was the most puzzling problem she’d ever encountered. She was really disruptive and rebellious, didn’t respond to anything Bonnie had used in her long years, things that worked with all her other troublemakers (incl one of mine).

        The reason I mention this is that, she said one time the girl was bragging on how much she hated this, that and the other person. Bonnie said she sounded PROUD of her hatred, which just boggled her.

        I told her about the parents and suggested the girl had likely been rewarded and praised for hating by her parents. I had recently heard testimony by a woman raised in a Satanic family; the things her parents did to teach her to hate were appalling.

        The neighbor couple was renting with the intention to buy, but I didn’t want them on our street. So I started walking the full length of the street every day, praying binding over demons and angelic protection.

        When their first year’s lease ran out, they moved. Praise God!


        • Well, thank goodness they left your neighborhood… but I can’t help feeling sorry for the folks in the neighborhood they moved to! I wonder whatever happened to that girl. Ugh.

          Whenever I see people who hate sincerely and proudly, I can’t help thinking there’s some kind of demonic activity involved. It’s just so weird and creepy and scary.