Benghazi — Terrorist Attack & WH Cover Up

Oct 9, 2012 – State Dept Holds Conference Call on Benghazi Terror Attack [2:22]

The Obama State Department held a conference call with reporters tonight on the Benghazi terror attack. FOX is part of the White House press pool and is usually included. For this, FOX was excluded and had to do their report from a transcript of the call.

On Oct 10, 2012, the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee held a hearing to look into the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

Oct 10, 2012 – Michelle Malkin on Benghazi hearing [4:38]

Video embedded: Michelle Malkin weighs in on the Benghazi hearing from earlier today, saying that every single American concerned with national security and Americans abroad needs to watch all four hours of the hearing before they vote so that they can see deep, malicious, and reckless this administration has been with the lives of the Americans murdered on 9/11. She says it’s nothing but a bunch of crap weasels and lying liars trying to figure out behind the scenes who to hang out to dry. She also hammers the Dems for accusing Republicans of politicizing this while Obama drags Bin Laden’s dead body all over the swing states.

Oct 10, 2012 – Rep Mike Kelly Verbally Spanking the State Department at the Oversight [6:46]

Representative Mike Kelly, Republican from Pennsylvania had more than a few choice words for the State Department officials testifying that day. He quotes from the report,

“230 security incidents in Libya between June of 2011 and July of 2012. Of those attacks, 48 took place in Benghazi, two of which were at the diplomatic compound scene of the 9/11 2012 terrorist attack.”

Yet Obama’s top people claimed again and again that the 9/11 attack that left four Americans dead, including our Ambassador, was because of a YouTube video.

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8 responses to “Benghazi — Terrorist Attack & WH Cover Up

  1. Excellent post, Chrissy. What a day it was, yesterday. I think Michelle Malkin is exactly right.


  2. KellyM.

    Even Jon Stewart called them out on this one….


  3. I am glad to see someone stay focused on the cover-up rather than getting into conspiracy theories.

    It is the cover up that is the problem. It needs to be driven home that there has been a cover up over what took place. There was no protest. The Libyans who were there have made that statement.

    Meanwhile back in Australia… the cover up is also unraveling… it has been a slow drip, drip, drip… but the “I was young and naive” excuse continues to hold no water.. the leaky bucket is almost on empty as more and more information is being disclosed.

    Our female Prime Spin -ster, the Subprime has been avoiding answering some serious questions about her own corrupt activity.

    There should be a saying “if you spread your legs…beware of what you can catch” 🙂


    • I was just reading in the NZ Herald about Miss Juliar calling her opponent, Abbott, a sexist and a misogynist. Is she getting some heat about that? That sounded like a pretty outrageous, and cheap, charge to make.


      • Aussie

        Grunt, the harpies from what I would consider the lowest of the low, took the accusation to the internet and it went viral. One place was a disgusting site called Jezebel and they called her a badass m’f’er. How nice.

        You need to read up on the whole matter involving the former Speaker of the House, Peter Slipper and his filthy texts with references to the female body parts in disgusting terms.

        The female dogs journalists all think that the rant was great. The conservative women journalists and conservative women think otherwise. The male journalists had a few things to say.

        For the very first time the Fairfax Press, aka the Age and Sydney Morning Herald wrote about the scandal of the 1990s. This is an issue that needs to be outed for a lot of reasons because fraud was committed against union members. It also gives an insight into her character because it showed a total lack of judgement and she continues to show the same lack of judgement. You have no idea exactly how messy it all is and there is more than one union involved.

        We are talking about a member of Emily’s list. She is a misandrist.

        I personally call the female members of the ALP handbag harpies and fishwives. I did write a piece on my blog.


        • My apologies, Aussie. You certainly did post about it! I have only been following your World in Economic Crisis blog, and I had never found the other Open Threads blog, but I see that you have been busy over there!


          • Aussie

            I should be writing more on the subject of the scandal that rocks the cradle.

            If you want to understand why the witch is a misandrist you need to understand the scandal.

            That woman has behaved like an unpaid prostitute!!


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