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Mitt Romney vs. The Kids

This is very well worth the time to watch and share.

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Chrissy:I went to the dashboard and found the library(I think) but couldn’t find a ‘show’ button.Maybe I’m doing it wrong.I have two scans queued up if you can get to them.Thx,PP

PS:where is the gallery?Do I need a GPS?


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Dems tell Christians to keep their stinkin’ cookies …

… while the media ignores their prayers.

In September 2012, 9,000 members of 56 Christian churches in Charlotte, NC, got together to pray for the success of the Democratic National Convention. The gathering was largely ignored by the media.

A similar, but much smaller gathering of some 200 Muslims praying for the convention in Charlotte was given extensive national coverage.

The Christian coalition also planned to create “Welcome to Charlotte” gift baskets to distribute to the delegates. The baskets were to include a traditional local treat — pecan cookies known as Carolina Pralines — plus a letter welcoming the delegates to the city and offering assistance with transportation, childcare or spiritual matters.

Nevertheless, both the convention organizers AND the mayor’s office told the group they were not welcome to send welcome baskets to the delegates, because the churches are all pro-life.

The organizers made it clear the baskets did NOT include a single political or pro-life message of any kind. Didn’t matter.

So the group asked if, instead of gift baskets, they could just send simple letters of welcome. The DNC said no. Same reason. The churches views were “contrary to the Democratic party platform.”

One of the organizers said, “We were just trying to display Southern hospitality. We wanted them to know we were happy to serve them.”

Muslims are also opposed to abortion.

Sept 3, 2012 Charlotte churches focus on prayers, not politics, during DNC

Sept 5, 2012 DNC Rejects Christian Gift Baskets


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Oct 10 Prayer for Our Nation

And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment, that you may approve the things that are excellent, that you may be sincere and without offense till the day of Christ. ~Philippians 1:9-10


May your love flow through and around us. Speak to our hearts and open our minds that we may see You and the light of Your glory. Cleanse us, O Lord, that we may stand before You without blemish. Help us as a nation to be a discerning people with moral voices who will bring honor and glory to You, O God.

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Chrissy or Bob:I had some success posting images by right-clicking to open a new window,uploading images and inserting into post.Now the scans will upload but won’t insert.Any expertise you might share would be much appreciated.When it comes to techie stuff I’m as sharp as a bowling ball.

Pete, I WISH I had a clue why it isn’t working for you. :o/. I found them in the gallery, click Show then Insert into Post and they loaded. The only things I can think to try are to dump your cache and do a cold reboot of your computer. I can tell you how if you use Firefox. One of my “usually works fine” things got all wonky and a techie told me to do that. It removed whatever had gotten corrupted and reloaded the original clean versions that had worked before. Chrissy P.S., I LOVE the Spongebob cartoon!! LOL


IKWYM about the “for adults” stuff. LOL My dds looooooved The Little Mermaid and watched it so often when they were young that we all had chunks of it memorized. One college break, our youngest went on a nostalgia binge, re-watching golden oldies, including TLM. I remember her repeatedly saying, “I don’t remember THAT!” LOL All those jokes they put in to keep the grown-ups amused went over her head when she was little. Remembering how shocked she was at some of the double entendres and by-play still makes me giggle. 🙂


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She’s not BABY Bunny anymore!

Her first birthday is just around the corner.


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This could go either way

I read this article expecting to feel all “WTF are Republicans thinking to let this person be chosen as moderator?!” But I ended up feeling more “Heck, this could work to our advantage.”

October 10, 2012 – ABC News scrambles to cover up Barack Obama’s attendance at VP debate moderator’s wedding

The gist of the story is that, in 1991, Barack Obama was a guest at the Raddatz-Genachowski wedding. The bride, Martha Raddatz, will be the moderator at tomorrow’s VP debate. Barack Obama and her groom, Julius “Jay” Genachowski were classmates and members of the Harvard Law Review together. Jay aggressively fundraised for Barry and as President, Obama made him Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Martha Raddatz is also Chief White House correspondent for ABC News, a post she has held since November 2005. So, okay. I get the possible bias problem.

But consider this … the Raddatz-Genachowski couple divorced in 1997. Dearest was in the situation, guest at the first wedding of a school mate with whom he later partnered in a business venture. That couple also divorced after a handful of years. We only stayed in touch with the buddy. We went to his second wedding and have exchanged birth announcements, Christmas newsletters and occasional visits with them. We have had no contact with wife one or even any knowledge of her whereabouts.

Why would we? She was never a friend to Dearest, just the wife of his friend who suffered through a miserable marriage and painful divorce. She may be a wonderful person and no doubt has her own sad stories to tell about her crappy marriage etc. But our relationship to her was only through her husband. So I’m just thinking … if THAT woman had the chance to moderate a debate between someone she did not know and my husband, who is tainted by the bitter memories of her failed marriage, wouldn’t she be somewhat likely to have some prickly attitude lurking under her no-doubt “I’m a professional” demeanor?

Plus, there’s the other issue of Barack’s wedding gift. Brides do all the work of opening up, recording and sending thank you notes for wedding presents. I can still tell you who gave us the utensil set hanging on our kitchen wall 33 years ago this coming Saturday. And we are talking about the man who gave the Queen of England an iPod loaded with pictures and speeches of himself. It just crosses my mind that Martha may very well remember what cheap piece of crap he grabbed last minute at the airport or hotel gift shop, KWIM?

And it’s not like Paul Ryan can’t handle whatever she throws at him. She’s been on air for years and years, lots of footage for him to study to find her tells and weaknesses. I am really looking forward to this debate!


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Shocked and saddened, but not angry

This lady has real class. Please watch.


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