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Romney’s wrong about one thing …

… not all of us in the 47% are stupid.

Some of us understand that:

A. The government gets the money it sends us from the taxes paid by people who have jobs.

B. The more people who have jobs, the more tax revenue the government has to put into assistance programs and the fewer people who need it.

C. The fewer people who have jobs, the less tax revenue the government has to put into assistance programs and the more people who need it.

For four years, Obama has been failing to get Americans back to work again.

When Obama took office, 60.6% of our population was employed. Today, only 58.7% are employed.

When Obama took office, 11.6 million Americans were unemployed. Today, 12.1 million Americans are unemployed.

When Obama took office, 2.6 million Americans had been out of work for 27 months or longer. Today, 4.8 million are long-term unemployed.

 Mitt Romney became wealthy creating jobs.

Bain Capital is one of the foremost private equity firms in the nation. It invests money in people with ideas who want to start new businesses and in businesses that are struggling or that want to expand. Bain itself employs about 115 employees. The companies it has helped create, build up and save from bankruptcy employ hundreds of thousands.

I’m in the 47% and I’m voting for Romney.

It’s simple really. I need my entitlement and I want the government to stay solvent so it will keep on sending it to me!

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Oct 8, 2012 Prayer for Our Nation

Evening and morning and at noon
I will pray, and cry aloud,
And He shall hear my voice.
Psalm 55:17

Father, we exalt our praise and adoration to You all throughout the day and night! May we never forget that You are merciful and gracious and that You, our Creator, receive our devotion and prayers with an attentive, listening ear. Give us eyes to see the splendor of Your holiness and ears to hear the majesty of Your voice as You lead us to holy and righteous living.

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