Obama ads for Romney

I saw this today when I was doing my email.

I thought I’d help the Obama campaign think up some more good slogans to put on AOL.


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4 responses to “Obama ads for Romney

  1. KellyM.

    Great job! Live ammo has been proven to be effective…just sayin’.


  2. I thought I was the only one going nuts with all the Obama ads on the ISP home pages and mail services and YouTube pages. They are driving me crazy. My mail is on Comcast, and every time I open a stupid message there’s Barack or Michelle grinning at me from the right hand column. I’m ready to bail entirely, but where would I go? All the telecom companies are in the O-column. Grrrrr.


  3. What really irritates the #$%&@! out of me is when I click on a link to a conservative site — like American Thinker, for example — and my eyes are immediately assaulted with ads for Barack Obama and Tammy Baldwin (the loopy-left dimmocrat who’s running for Herb Kohl’s senate seat) and Planned Parenthood and crap like that. Ugh!


  4. chrissythehyphenated

    Saw a funny tweet linked to this article:


    Will Antonin ‏@Will_Antonin – Breaking: Mormons now have magic handkerchiefs that can turn debate opponents into stuttering failures.