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I apologize for the extra post today,but I’m about to explode.Labor Secretary Hilda Solis came out with some bullshit employment numbers to lower the unemployment rate to 7.8%.Everybody knows this is phony but the enemedia will trumpet this and Obama will spend the next week jumping up and down,screaming “See?It’s working!We just need more time!!”…anything to distract from his debate disaster.Everybody knows no president has ever been reelected when the unemployment rate was over 8%.I’m posting two related videos and a number of reactions from people who know the truth.Then I’ll try to find a way to calm down…or swallow my head.

Any admin. with an appropriate graphic feel free.I didn’t have anything handy.


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    • OMgggggggg! Everybody’s re-employed! Obama’s plan WORKED! Romney Lied! Republicans are doomed! Might as well not even hold the election! It’s already over! Barry’s already re-elected!

      Or not. You can fool all of the people some of the time. You can fool 33% of the people all the time. You can cry wolf twice.


  1. GP

    And how much of the jobs improvement has been because of GOP governors, who are business friendly.


  2. Ting

    For years (decades, even!) our company was one of the ones “chosen” to report to the Bureau of Labor Statistics every month for the purpose of determining the monthly employment numbers. There was no choice on our part, believe me, because I had to spend several hours each month to fill out the forms based on the week that included the 12th of the month. There was a huge fine if you did not participate as commanded, or were late with your numbers. I could forget about ever taking a vacation that week because there was nobody else to complete the report. When we decided to sever ties with the union and down-sized, we were finally relieved of that duty. It always struck me that it was not a particularly enlightening report as it related to our company and I was never sure what exactly they could ascertain from the numbers.