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Oct 3 Prayer for our nation

[From the 40-day prayer guide for our nation. I ordered this in plenty of time, but did not get it in time to start on Day 1. I’m hoping that is because the printer go far many orders than anticipated and there is now a STORM of prayer going up from every corner of God’s Kingdom.]

Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16


Give us Your guidance and strength as we honestly confess our sins to You and to one another. And give us compassionate hearts as we pray for each other and our leaders across the country and the world. Rid us of judgment, condemnation, and pride, and fill us with a spirit of grace, mercy and love. Create in our hearts a fervent desire to pray every day for Your leadership to reign in our lives.

[Please forgive any typos. I have a raging case of conjunctivitis in both eyes and can barely see.]


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Not a lot of youtubes today.Chances are better than good I’ll have some tomorrow after the debate.If its out there,I’ll find it.



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Chrissy:feel free to add some more cool graphics since my image-posting privileges have been obstructed by the gods of wordpress.

OK,so tonight’s the first debate between the Usurper and the rich white guy.See how long it takes for Obama to bring up Romney’s 47% comment.You may need a stopwatch.Much has been made since yesterday about the 2007 video showing Obama for what we already knew he was:a white-hating,racist demagogue.But it seems the time for this would have been before the election in 2008.Of course,the media never would have permitted it to see the light of day.The impressionable utes and the white guilters who bought the bullshit have already discovered they were taken for fools.According to the polls,a good many of them still support him as an abused spouse would.

I’m going to post that video in this thread,although I’m doing a video post as well.Pete tries to make sure when you come here you get your money’s worth.



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