Things to watch for at the Presidential Debates

When you go into the polling booth in November, you will not be voting for America’s Newest Idol. You will be hiring the nation’s CEO. The debates will be your best chance to interview the applicants. The following are things you do NOT want to see in the man who will represent you on all domestic and foreign policy issues for the next four years:

  • “Ahs” and “uhmms”
  • Talking without saying anything
  • Sneering displeasure and/or self-pity
  • Straw man answers to substantive questions

The debates will all happen from 9:00-10:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

  • First presidential debate (October 3, 2012, University of Denver, Denver, CO): Domestic policy.
  • Vice presidential debate (October 11, 2012, Centre College, Danville, KY): Foreign and domestic topics.
  • Second presidential debate (October 16, 2012, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY): Foreign and domestic town hall style meeting with participants selected by Gallup from among undecided voters
  • Third presidential debate (October 22, Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL): Foreign policy.

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11 responses to “Things to watch for at the Presidential Debates

  1. A.Men

    Romney/Ryan 2012.


  2. “Sneering displeasure and/or self-pity”

    Re: the long list of BHO’s “tells” — I’ve seen commenters say they’d really like to play poker with him!

    Apparently, he’s a fair actor for some of the people some of the time, but brief expressions and body language say a lot. When he is caught off-guard or is challenged, he looks down, and, usually, to his left. He appears not just to be recalling the “proper” propaganda to regurgitate, but choking back impulsive urges, frequently revealed in his face just before he looks down. I’ve slo-mo’d and freeze-framed some instances of these moments. If I had more patience to plow through vids of the guy, I might try to do videos showcasing some of these, but… life’s short! And, they’re awfully subtle.

    I may, however, go write some lyrics incorporating “urge,” “surge,” and “regurgitate.”


    • That’s a bunch of great shots you’ve captured.

      There’s a lot of potential for misinterpretation of expression, a lot of places someone could say, the camera just caught him at a poor moment. Sure, it looks like a sneer when you put that other picture next to it and label it a sneer. That kind of argument is valid; even without p’shopping, it’s easy to catch someone looking bad.

      It would be no less arguable in video, but vids would illustrate the greater context. Someone (please, not me) could collect the full-speed vid of his reaction to a challenging question, followed by a slow-mo and zoom-in with identifying focus labels (like in your shots), then run the full-speed again once the viewer knows what to look for. Repeat ad nauseum; it’s not like there’s just one or two instances, right? Every time he shows his face it’s a psychoanalyst’s field day.


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    Well crap … I just read that American Greetings has sold Webshots and the new owners are dramatically changing what Webshots is all about.

    As I understand it, instead of the public sharing format which has been perfect for my archives, it is becoming a place to store, access and share all of one’s photos.

    But the public thing I’ve been using will be gone, I think as of Dec 1.

    They kindly recommended I look into some other service for that. Uh. Right. I’m so excited about MOVING my nearly 5,000 graphics somewhere else?

    Good news given I’ve been building the archives for four years specifically for voter education for this election … nothing changes until after the election.

    I guess I should be grateful WordPress never allowed Webshots importing/linking. All the graphics I’ve posted her are stored here. The Webshots links won’t work any more, but at least my posts will still make sense.


    • Why do you suppose they’re doing that? I don’t understand the reason for the change.


    • That is strange. They seem to be going for the “cloud” market for data storage. Cloud, a/k/a out-of-your-control. And why eliminate the public aspect which would seem to be a good way to tie into the powerful social media market? And breaking thousands of links just for you, multiplied by everybody else, seems particularly nefarious.

      American Greetings — the greeting card industry must be doing really well these days, like all print media. Hallmark just announced they’re closing one of their plants and reducing their work force in Kansas. Buggy whip factories after the automobile. Kodak … Kodak!!, has not only quit making cameras or film, they just quit making inkjet printers. Pounding their buggy whips into car radio antennas didn’t work. They’re selling off their patents, or trying to. It used to be one of the Big stocks. You know, like GM. Oh….

      Psst, hey buddy! Make you good deal on patent on Kodachrome! Cheap! Hey, come back!