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Karma catches up with Barack

For those who have staff to keep them organized, chronic tardiness is a pretty sure sign of arrogance.

The President of the United States has LOTS of staff.

Nevertheless, in Obama’s first two weeks in office, he was 10 minutes late to a memo signing ceremony, 30 minutes late to a bill signing ceremony and 45 minutes late to a ceremony to introduce economic advisers.

His lack of punctuality set the tone for his underlings that it was okay to be late. In those same two weeks, his press secretary Robert Gibbs was routinely late for daily news briefings, sometimes by more than an hour.

[Interestingly, fellow Democrat President Clinton was also known for being chronically late, while both Republican Presidents Bush were known for punctuality.]

This pattern of arrogant disregard for others was clearly established long before Obama’s rise to the Oval Office. The video here strings together eleven different instances during his brief tenure in the U.S. Congress when he arrived late to important meetings, having missed testimony and wasted the time of those who were where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there. [1:19]

He has kept it up throughout his tenure in the White House and demonstrated that, without question, his behavior is driven by sheer arrogance.

One of the most egregious examples dates from March 2010 when, in the middle of a White House meeting with Israel’s top leader, Obama told Netanyahu he was going up to the residence to have dinner in private with his wife and daughters. He told Netanyahu to wait if he wanted. Or not. Then he walked out.

Can you imagine ever doing such a thing to one of your guests? Can you imagine ever having this done to you when you are in someone else’s home? It boggles the mind.

But what goes around comes around. According to Bob Woodward of Watergate fame, when Obama phoned his contribution in to a meeting with his Democrat leadership, Nancy Pelosi pushed the MUTE button and Obama apparently never noticed nobody was listening. [:59]

And this week, when Obama put in a call to Great Britain’s Prime Minister, Cameron blew him off in favor of playing a third set of tennis.






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