Some things just upset me too much UPDATE

I received the following from someone who really knows about this stuff. It’s important, so I am passing it on without any comments of my own.

The biggest problem with the word Jihad, is what the fanatic Muslims have done with it. Jihad (or holy war) is a very important part of the Muslim faith, just as Reconciliation is to us Catholics.

Jihad is the struggle to purify yourself. Most Muslim theologians will tell you that this should be an inner struggle, to make yourself pure for God, but Fanatics have distorted this teaching to mean, Kill everything and everyone who is not a crazy fanatic.

I wish that the west would not use this word to identify as the fanatics, it only helps to justify their quest for so-called Jihad.  It frustrates me that we use their words, because we then identify that word with something bad instead of something that is actually in true sense of the word, a very good and holy thing.

I absolutely support Israel, and I understand what the ad meant to say, but they should have stuck to terrorism, that’s a good word to define the Muslim fanatics and how they have distorted God’s teachings into something sick and disgusting.


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2 responses to “Some things just upset me too much UPDATE

  1. What A Hoot

    I say ‘bullshit’ to this and the only person I would consider listening to, to give this validity, is Pamela Geller. Is she against this poster? Jihad a good and holy thing? IMayhaps I am misinformed and unlearned. (and that is my Satuday Night knee-jerk reaction)


  2. the person who left that remark is talking taqiyya. Or as hoots says: “bullshit”.

    I disagree that the “fanatics” are distorting the meaning of jihad. The truth is the opposite, because it is those other sects within Islam who are distorting the original meaning of jihad.

    As Christians we need to understand that within Islam there are also many sects that have their divisions. The major ones are Sunni, Shia, Sufi and Ismailism (which is the Aga Khan). Of these major ones it is Sufi and Ismailism that preach the idea of jihad to mean some kind of inner cleansing.

    For reference Sufi is an offshoot of the Sunni sect and within Sunni you also have the Wahibbi; then there is the mixture of Wahibbi and Sufi that created the Sanusi of Libyan. During the second world war the Sanusi Army as it was called were our allies as we fought against both the Germans and the Italians. Indeed there was a motive for that alliance and their leader, Idris had the help of the British after the second world war in getting rid of the Italian colonists. (Gadhafi hated the Sanusi and he destroyed their mosques).

    In other words, it is only within certain sects, such as the Sufi (who also have their saints) where jihad means inner holiness. To the others, such as Shia and Sunni this idea is in fact heretical. The Aga Khan also teaches his followers the way of inner holiness, but for other sects within each of these sects, especially some that are persecuted for their beliefs, they still believe in the meaning of jihad per the fanatics. They pretend to us that it is nothing more than inner holiness.