The cost of royalty – US vs GB

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2 responses to “The cost of royalty – US vs GB

  1. Did I say Chrissy’s infographics were too info v graphic the other day? Here, Chrissy’s infographic tells the story at a glance. Grand slam!

    Basically just that one little happy Presidential couple, plus, I imagine, the kids. And Gramma. And Val. And Reg. Well, still, just their little family. The British, meanwhile, get the whole royal family for a fraction of the cost.

    If we compared the income from the Royals, from tourism to tabloids, bet we’d see that’s a bargain! Obama, counting all he’s done… not so much.


  2. It took me a short time to focus on the difference. That is truly outstanding!! Yet the Brits still complain about the Royal Family despite the fact that they have done everything possible to cut back on expenses, and they run estates that provide them with most of their income.