Some things just upset me too much

There are issues, important issues, that upset me so much, I can barely bring myself to even read the news, much less study, digest, ponder enough to write and/or graphic them.

This is one of those. The article covers the points and provides links and video.

The only two coherent thoughts in my hair-on-fire head are, one, the gall of a spray-painting vandal comparing her defacement of the ad with the long, hard slog the makers of the ads went through to post it and, two, the ad says to oppose JIHAD, not Islam or Muslims in general.


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2 responses to “Some things just upset me too much

  1. GP

    Will the press ever reach a tipping point? Will their American heart ever beat again and stop protecting the caliphate before it is too late?
    There is so much that needs to come out. Will they finally start digging and connecting the dots, and stop pretending the Brietbarts and Becks of the new media are loons?
    I remember seeing a video back in the early 2000’s of an Arab Sheik bragging about how he helped educate the soon to be Senator of Illinois.(I have not been able to find it since, I think it was from Pamela Gellar), It really scared the crap out of me, but I thought there was no way a guy with a name like Barack Hussein could win after Sept . 11th. Just goes to show how much power was behind him, and why he was so self assured from the gitgo that he was going to win. Barry knew the fix was in. It was all part of the plan:


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