Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

In 1984, when Reagan was running for re-election against Mondale, the Washington Post published a poll saying Reagan’s lead in his home state of California had dropped alarmingly.

A short while later, in the greatest landslide victory in presidential history, Reagan won 49 states; in California, he won by more than 16 points. The only state he lost was where Mondale barely squeaked 49.72% to Reagan’s 49.54% out of his own homies.

When Reagan’s campaign manager tasked Ben Bradlee about the Washington Post’s “lousy polling methodology”, Bradlee shot back,

“Tough sh…t. … It’s my in-kind contribution to the Mondale campaign.”

Got that?

The EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of a major metropolitan newspaper had NO PROBLEM using his elite, protected position to PIMP the Democrat, rather than EDUCATE the voters!

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The Obama campaign has been whining non-stop about the allegedly HUGE spending by rich Republicans who want to “buy” the White House for Romney and Ryan.

Apart from the fact that it’s mostly a load of unsubstantiated donkey doo, the campaigns being very close in total spending, it also doesn’t count at all the “in kind contributions” of the left-wing media and their biased poll reporting.

Like Jimmy Carter in 1980, Obama is increasingly seen as a disaster in both economic and foreign policy. His Gallup job approval rating has been at or below 50% for nearly his entire time in office.

So … heck yes, Virginia. The polls showing Obama leading over Romney are nothing more than the grossly biased, in-kind contributions of the left-wing media.

Let me just repeat what I said yesterday. It is what it is. Accept it and work around it. THEY want the polls to get Republicans too bummed to bother voting; but those polls could just as easily make lazy Democrats stay at home.

Tell your fellow Romney supporters the polls are biased and they MUST VOTE.

And pray for bad weather!

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8 responses to “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

  1. Absolutely brilliant stuff, Chrissy. Well done.


    • chrissythehyphenated



      • No, really. I’ve tried to do this kind of post-mortem election analysis before, and I’ve found it really hard because the historical data just isn’t kept around in easy to find places. I see you found some good sources, but mining them still requires work. And this is exactly the kind of revealing data (and quotes) that we need to keep reminding the bastards about (because they’d like to forget), and reminding ourselves about (because it’s the only way to keep the faith in the face of corrupt evidence). Thanks for this.


  2. Hillbuzz has a lot of ground reports. Everyone writing in has a far different opinion than that of the pollsters. It is consistent that in heavy Dem areas there are very few signs and bumper stickers are almost non-existent. They are not displaying for either side. Interesting indeed.

    The Australian press is in the tank for Obama. They are totally stupid, but then they are in the tank for that red haired witch. What can I say?

    I think that the terrorist attack on the Benghazi consulate has been a turning point. People are furious. What has made it worse has been comments like “a bump in the road”. How nice of Obama to refer to the death of his Ambassador in Libya as a bump in the road. We have been getting the truth from the Libyans. The White House has been lying to all of us. The c- grade documentary had nothing to do with the attack in Libya. Yet the usurper keeps repeating that garbage.

    This is a wake up call. I think that this is going to be like what happened to Carter. People are seethingly angry over what happened. Many are unhappy that the Libyans were helped in their efforts to overthrow a terrorist dictator. Some people have the absurd idea that life under Gadhafi was good, even though he had set it up as a Marxist state, and he terrorised the people. Most do not understand that you cannot impose Sharia Law when it already exists, but you can remove the bits that were not a part of Shariah Law, which is what is happening in Libya. The people do not want extremism or the mullahocracy of Iran. They are very clear thinking people. If Obama remains in the White House then the Libyan democracy that is in its infancy will wither as the extremists will once again try to move into that country. The other threat that they face comes from those loyal to Gadhafi. Dumbo cannot handle that situation.

    Carter’s biggest error was his naivety. He thought that a mullah was ok, just like a Baptist preacher I guess. He was wrong. He never understood the complexity of the situation. This is why I have been against Mike Huckabee as a possible Presidential candidate. Since he is a Baptist preacher, he could be tarred with the same brush as Carter.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Re: Huckabee … I have been against him because he was trained as a minister. We need to learn the difference between government policies, which should promote what is best for most, and individual charity, which should minister to the needy and oppressed. I find this the biggest fundamental error made by Christians on the Left; they think what Jesus taught should be government policy. But Jesus was preaching about eternal salvation of individuals, not administering a temporal state.


  3. GP

    Great job Chrissy, as usual. We need to be reminded that the press is trying to convince us there is not need to vote. But I think it will take an act of GOD to keep most of us from the polls.
    Did you see all the wink wink’s at Drudge yesterday? I love the way they are so subtle with their editorials. lol