Yet another installment in my pet birther theory

My “comment” reply to Aussie’s remarks in got so long, I thought I’d post it here, as a blog. If nothing else, the wider margins will make it easier to read. 🙂

Aussie asked if Jimi Hendrix was around and popular in Seattle in 1960. The answer is a big YES.

Not only were they both in Seattle during Ann’s senior year, but Ann’s birthday was only two DAYS after Jimi’s birthday. (November 27 and 29, 1942).

Jimi was born and grew up in Seattle; the Dunhams moved there in 1956 and stayed until after Ann graduated from high school in the spring of 1960, when they abruptly decamped for Hawaii.

Hendrix dropped out of high school in 1959, the same year he got his first electric guitar and began playing small-time bands. In 1960, he moved up in the Seattle music world, becoming lead guitar for James Thomas and His Tomcats, which played fairly regularly at small local venues in and around Seattle.

This band, with Jimi on lead guitar, won the All State Band of the Year competition in 1960.

So YES, Ann and Jimi were not just the same age and in Seattle at the same time, but also Jimi was a smokin’ hot, up-and-coming, certified Seattle rock star.

My best guess about Barack Jr’s actual birth date is 3/4/61, primarily because it would be easy to change to 8/4/61, a birth date that was late enough to satisfy INS that Green Card Barack Sr. was the baby daddy.

An early March birth puts conception in late May 1960.

This fits perfectly with my suspicion that Anarchist Ann essentially relived Wild Child Madelyn’s senior year music and sex rebellion, but as rebellious teens need to do, cranked it up a notch so as to be actually offensive to her also rebellious mom.

When our kids were young, my girlfriends and I used to talk about how overly-permissive parents make it really tough for their kids to rebel. I wonder sometimes how much of the “Best Friend 60s Hippie” parenting is responsible for the horrific stuff some of the next generation has gotten into.

My kids were all born with serious food allergies, so we had a very strict diet at home. We also went to church every week and didn’t allow television. I used to joke that, by the time my girls got around to rebelling, it wouldn’t be sex, drugs and rock and roll. It would be candy bars and soft drinks. This turned out to be fairly prophetic, actually. One of them also got heavily involved with ice cream for a while. LOL

In the spring of 1961, Jimi Hendrix was arrested twice in one week for joy riding. The judge gave him the choice of jail or the military. He chose the latter and went off to basic training in June. This also fits with my theory about a late May 1960 conception and early March 1961 birth date for Baby Barry.

I’ve had kids go off to boot camp. They go through a lot of rigamarole before they’re even accepted for enlistment; physicals, written exams, interviews. Then, they sign on the line and are committed to appear some months later. In between, they’re free to do as they please. And when they go, it feels very sudden. One day, they’re at home in their grubby jeans; the next day, they’re sweating at boot camp in camo.

So who knows … maybe banging Ann was one of Jimi’s last hurrahs before he had to go pay the piper?

As for moving to Hawaii … that also fits my theory.

I think Ann was pregnant at her high school graduation in the spring of 1960.

In 1960, single moms were still shameful, because we still thought dads actually mattered to kids. Bi-racial relationships were frowned upon by both races. And the Dunhams had a social life in Seattle.

Abortion was illegal. The Dunhams were clearly not religious; if Barry O were a decade younger, he might never have seen more than the inside of a vacuum aspirator and a bio-waste bag.

Many families back then sent their girls to maternity homes or some distant auntie’s house until the blessed little secret could be put up for adoption. My guess is Anarchist Ann flatly refused.

In Dreams, it reports she loudly expressed her contempt for white America while she was married to Indonesian Lolo Soetoro, to whom she bore her second bi-racial child. I think she probably wanted to keep her half-black bastard so she could shove it up the noses of all those conventional prigs she loathed so much.

From all acounts, Stanley was no prize as a provider, so Madelyn, with her bank job, would have had a real problem. They needed her income. It was tough enough being a female executive back then, never mind a female BANK executive. The scandal of an unwed daughter toting her half-black bastard baby around town could easily have spelled dismissal for Madelyn.

It just makes sense to me that they decided to handle the mess by decamping to a new city where mixed racial profiles were very common and nobody knew the Dunham family. Ann was able to attend her first semester of college in the loose clothing common on the Islands, then hide her 3rd trimester belly and deliver with a midwife at home, which reportedly was very common in Hawaii at the time.

As for who came up with the bright idea for the green card marriage and fake birth certificate … your guess is as good as mine.


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4 responses to “Yet another installment in my pet birther theory

  1. Jimi Hendrix … or Malcolm X, who was also in Seattle at the same time as Stanley Ann Dunham…

    … And that would give “Dreams From My Father” a whole new meaning…

    You will never get real freedom and recognition between black and white people in this country without destroying the country, without destroying the present political system, without destroying the present economic system, without rewriting the entire constitution. It will be a complete destruction of everything that America supposedly stands for.

    Malcolm X

    Only Malcolm X’s autobiography seemed to offer something different. His repeated acts of self-creation spoke to me. The blunt poetry of his words. His unadorned insistence on respect. He promised a new and uncompromising order, martial in its discipline.

    Barack Hussein Obama

    Hear these quotes spoken by those two men.


  2. Thanks for that reply. It makes sense to me that Jimi Hendrix is a real possibility.

    It also makes sense about changing the date of birth from 3 April to 4 August. Obummer does not strike me as being a Leo even though he has some of the arrogance of a LEO (lots of laugh over that comment).

    I am torn about whether Malcolm X is a possibility. I am of the opinion that he is not the father. I am very much of the opinion that Frank Davis is not the father. That leave Barack Obama Sr. and it leaves Jimi Hendrix, now that you have explained what I did not know :).

    I did not hear of Jimi Hendrix until the mid 60s or later. I think he burst onto the Australian scene with his song “All Along the Watchtower”. He came onto the Australian scene several years after the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. I associate him very much with the swinging 60s image and the flower child scene.

    However, back to the picture of the two together, I do see a lot more in resemblance to Hendrix than to any of the other characters.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      RE: date — You forgot that Americans do that dimwitted month/day/year thing, instead of the (I admit it) more sensible day/month/year thing.

      My proposal for his real birth date is March 4, 1960, which we write 3/4/60. His fake birth date is August 4, 1960, which we write 8/4/60. It’s really easy to smudge a 3 to make it look like an 8.


      • Now that is a very good point.

        He made a slip of the tongue a few years ago when something came up about the Cuban missile crisis. He said that he was only a few months old or something like that. If that was true, then he must have been born before that happened, April 17 1961.

        There is simply something that is not adding up when you look at his gaffes.