Obama’s Pet Goat

Ninety minutes after Muslim extremists began assaulting our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, with AK-47s and RPGs, President Barack Obama was informed that his ambassador was in grave danger. According to reports, he then toddled off to bed.

Let’s all watch and see how the Left responds to this egregious lack of concern and leadership from their messiah, shall we? And, as we do this, let us keep in mind how these same people reacted to what George Bush did after learning a second plane had just hit the World Trade Center.

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5 responses to “Obama’s Pet Goat

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  2. which is worse? Keeping the faith with children by reading them a story? Or going to bed when the US Ambassador to Libya is in mortal danger?

    I know my answer. The Left are total tools.


  3. GP

    We could write an encyclopedia of all the things obo has done that would have gotten any republican impeached.
    It really is mind blowing that he gets away with it all.