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August 8-9, 2012: Rasmussen Poll of Likely Voters on Media and Politics

Q. Think for a moment about the two major presidential candidates this year. Which candidate received the best treatment from the media so far—Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

A. Obama 59% vs. Romney 18% vs. Not Sure 23%.

Q. Looking ahead to the campaign between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, will most reporters try to help Barack Obama, offer unbiased coverage, or try to help Mitt Romney?

A. Try to help Obama 51% vs. Try to help Romney 9% vs. Unbiased and Not sure 40%

In a September 21 article, Kyle Becker cites some of the more egregious examples of journalistic malpractice that have soured the nation’s trust:

Such lapses in journalistic responsibility as the mainstream media’s glossing over the explosive Fast & Furious scandal, race-baiting during the Trayvon Martin shooting, selective editing of footage that might make Romney or Ryan appeal to the broader population, intentionally limiting their airing of diverse speakers at the Republican convention, and their dishonest polling are making it hard for even casual consumers of news to dismiss the media’s Democratic bias.

Klavan has done some excellent commentary over the years:

Apr 1, 2009: Shut up [4:44]

Nov 4, 2010: You Too Can Be a Mainstream Media Reporter [5:16]

The latest journalistic atrocity has been committed by CNN, which has now ADMITTED one of their reporters discovered murdered Ambassador Christopher Stevens’ personal journal at the crime scene, but rather than turn it over to authorities as evidence, smuggled it out, read it and used pieces of it in news reports before turning it over to his family. Is there a bridge these turds won’t cross?!

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Sick: CNN admits concealing critical evidence in Ambassador Stevens’ murder

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