In Obama’s America, some blacks are more equal than others

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Beyoncé’s net worth is $300 Million. Jay-Z’s net worth is $475 Million. For Father’s Day 2012, Beyoncé bought her honey Jay-Z a $40 million private jet. It features a living room, a kitchen, two full bathrooms and sucks down tens of thousands of dollars worth of FOSSIL FUEL every time they turn it on. But hey, they created a few jobs, right? The thing needs pilots and lackeys to clean those bathrooms and rub their feet.

And while it may appear to the average unwashed, inbred Republican that these two are greedy, rich people who lavish their dollars on themselves, while giving nary a thought to the actual unwashed masses suffering through the lousy Obama Economy, the genetically superior Democrat knows instinctively that these rich people earned every penny honestly and are entitled to spend it how they choose.

How do they know this? Because they throw fancy PRIVATE fund-raisers for Barack Obama, that’s how!

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If this is what Obama’s America looks like after four years, I don’t want to see it after four more. Color me unwashed and inbred. I’m for Romney.

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2 responses to “In Obama’s America, some blacks are more equal than others

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Might interest some of you:

    Does 1979 newspaper column shed light on 2008 campaign story?
    By Frank Miele – September 22, 2012

    Excerpt: So far as I know, this 1979 column has not previously been brought to light, but it certainly should be because it broke some very interesting news about the “rumored billions of dollars the oil-rich Arab nations are supposed to unload on American black leaders and minority institutions.” The columnist quoted a black San Francisco lawyer who said, “It’s not just a rumor. Aid will come from some of the Arab states.”


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