Creepy and UnAmerican

First, it was “Winning the Future” … which had the unfortunate acronym WTF, which texters use for “What The F**k.”

You’d think, given the Left’s mad passion for the F word, somebody at Obama for America might have seen that coming BEFORE they printed up all that crap they had to then throw out … I mean, recycle responsibly.

So then they rolled out “Forward,” which was immediately ridiculed for its similarity to Communist China’s “Great Leap Forward.”

Nothing like invoking Chairman Mao when you’re trying to con the sheeple that “income redistribution” is somehow NOT the same as Commie-Socialistic-Fascism.

Get a load of the latest slogan those brain trusts at Obama for America have come up with.

The “For all” campaign, in which celebrities and Obama supporters upload images of themselves, with their hands over their hearts, pledging to support Teh Won.

Cuz pledging allegiance to a person (instead of to the flag and the Republic for which it stands) isn’t at ALL creepy or unAmerican. /sarc

This is angelaism’s contribution to the “For All” campaign:

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10 responses to “Creepy and UnAmerican

  1. KellyM.

    That is really so creepy…I pledge allegiance to my flag and my God…that’s it.


  2. Creepy beyond words.

    Hey, Chrissy, Freedom1781 just posted this link. Have you seen it yet? It’s just a summary of Joel’s FMD case, but it’s a good summary.


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  4. Late entry, courtesy of AoS, Rick Perry writes on his hands, too.

    Refresh my memory. When, exactly, did the Republicans start developing this rich mocking sense of humor? I’m laughing with Mitt Romney, for heaven’s sake!