The only poll that matters will be in November

Check out these two Michigan polls from late August, six days apart. One had Obama ahead by five; the other had Romney ahead by four.

August 15, 2012: New poll has Obama ahead by five in Michigan

Obama 49% vs. Romney 44% vs. Other 3% vs. Undecided 4%

August 21, 2012: New poll has Romney ahead by four in Michigan

Obama 43.88% vs. Romney 47.68% vs. Other 3.96% vs. Undecided 4.01%

I saw Leftie Media Types bleating about us Right-Wingers yammering on about demographics and methodology, as in blah blah blah. But hello? Do you think maybe it MATTERS WHO THEY ASK? Sheesh.

Meanwhile, Republicans who don’t like Romney are moaning about the Obama-is-ahead polls, as if they somehow prove the guy they liked should’ve won the nomination. Double sheesh.

And guess what neither of these groups is reporting on? RASMUSSEN’s polls.

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6 responses to “The only poll that matters will be in November

  1. ah yes Allahpundit and Ed Morrissey think that boring Tim Pawlenty should have been the nominee. They even think that Tim Pawlenty should be the VP pick.

    Allahpundit is the worst kind of eeyore that I have ever seen. His posts are really very bad.


  2. Only 49 days until we get to vote the SCOAMF out of office!


  3. GP

    I don’t believe the polls for one second. Stories like this are getting leaked, in spite of the press trying to cover up the truth:


  4. GP

    More proof the polls are BS. More Hollywood conservatives are daring to speak out:


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