EXCELLENT article on the past week’s news

I’m so proud of the fact that angelaisms counts me a personal friend. She’s SO good! Below is the beginning, but not the end of her latest at Misfit Politics. I hope you’ll go read the rest. It gets even better (and it’ll boost her hit count). She also has links for what she refers to, for those of you who missed the news or need refreshers.

A Time For Pretending By angelaisms – September 17, 2012


Tweeted by angelaisms – The #LapdogMedia has been screaming bloody murder about @MittRomney’s statement, but not about actual bloody murder. #Classic

Be careful what you wish for.

Okay, so I never actually wished to witness a level of incompetence from the Obama administration that would shock me; I just thought that such a feat would be impossible at this point. Lo and behold, there I found myself on Tuesday, September 11, 2012, in a rage-induced fit of tears over not only the atrocities committed in Egypt and Libya, but also the appalling game of “Let’s Pretend” that followed:

Let’s pretend that the longtime influence of Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright has nothing whatsoever to do with President Obama’s worldview.

Let’s pretend that the “Arab Spring” was a movement to envelope the Arab world in pink hearts and fluffy little bunny rabbits.

Let’s pretend that Mitt Romney stepping up to fill a leadership vacuum is an egregious breach of protocol.

Let’s pretend that Romney’s condemnation of both the attacks and our embassy’s feckless apology is “politicizing death,” and that President Obama literally using those deaths to rally his campaign volunteers in Nevada is entirely appropriate.

Let’s pretend that President Barack “The Police Acted Stupidly” Obama has any business being on a high horse called My Opponent Spoke Too Soon.

Let’s pretend that the date of the embassy attacks was entirely coincidental, and that all Muslims are like Pavlovian killer bees who will simply go on a rampage when provoked, because they’re too stupid to know better.

For all the media criticism of Mitt Romney since Tuesday, you’d think that it was he, and not Barack Obama, who went to sleep while his own ambassador was murdered in Benghazi …




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  1. Good article… linked to it on bluebird of bitterness.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      🙂 … she emailed today she’s been getting a lot of action with retweets. I hope the Misfit admins tell her their hit count soared! 🙂