BHO makes major power grab

Section 1022 requires military custody (read: Gitmo) for all persons arrested and detained according to the provisions of section 1021. There is a vague option allowed for American citizens and legal residents to not be detained by the military, but it’s an OPTION, not a requirement.

In other words, you really could be arrested and and detained indefinitely at Gitmo, without formal charges or hope of a fair trial, simply for making life uncomfortable for Obama and company.

This is not some tinfoil hat conspiracy theory.

Under Obama, the Dept of Homeland Security has officially declared that military veterans and people who hold a pro-life position, support a third-party presidential candidate and/or believe the Second Amendment gives them the right to own guns are ALL potentially dangerous DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.

  • Under Obama, the Department of Justice dropped a slam-dunk case of voter intimidation because the perps were Black Obama supporters.
  • Under Obama, the Department of Justice has sued states, corporations and individual citizens simply because they refused to kowtow to White House directives.
  • Under Obama, huge numbers of Americans have been put under threat of fine and/or imprisonment if they dare to put their own religious beliefs and conscience rights ahead of the Obama agenda.

Keep in mind that legal powers invented by one administration pass on to the next. It should scare the bejeebers out of EVERY voter that the Obama administration is not just fighting to keep this one, but also was so incredibly QUICK off the mark about doing so.

If you’re talking to an Obama-phile who thinks it’s no biggie, because Obama would never do anything bad … ask this: How about George Bush? Would you have wanted him to have that much power? What if Mitt Romney wins? Do you want him to have that much power?

My guess is they’ll blanch at the very idea. When they do, just walk away. It will be enough that you planted that splinter of doubt in their kool-aid soaked brains.

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