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Lying with true statements

Fact checking Obama’s statement about his jobs record.

Sept 10, 2012 – Obama’s Record on Private Sector Jobs

“Unless he gets re-elected, he will likely have the smallest jobs increase of any modern president.”


H/t Pistol Pete.

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How to make a screenshot

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H/t to KD who taught me how to do this.



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Posted by Pistol Pete

I can’t say I’m pissed off today.I’m way,way beyond that.I will go into some detail in the links,but here’s the gist of it.

Owing to the significance of 9/11,both campaigns planned to pull down their ads for the day.One side kept its word.I’ll let you guess which side did not.Some goofball made a film mocking Muhammed the pedophile and the feral rats in Libya and Egypt used it as an excuse to attack the Egyptian embassy and burn the American flag.The embassy apologized for insulting Islam and the Obama Regime disavowed the apology!This morning J.Christopher Stevens,the US ambassador to Libya and three others were attempting to move to safety when a murderous savage fired a rocket into their car,killing all four.Predictably,our fearless leader issued a statement condemning the attack in the strongest possible terms.I’m sure that made the bastards feel really bad.

Meanwhile,the Prime Minister of Israel formally asked for an audience with the president when he visits next week.Obama,regrettably turned him down citing scheduling conflicts.He’s going on Letterman that night.Can’t let foreign affairs stuff get in the way of his campaigning.The only interview he granted on 9/11 was to a radio rapper nicknamed ‘the pimp with a limp.’ Just to let his peeps know he’s down with the homeboys.The tragedy of it all is it will make not an iota of difference to acolytes blinded by ignorance or ideology.Well,maybe this will push gas prices to $4.50-$5.00/gallon.They would still blame Bush and Big Oil.

The media are scrambling this morning to find ways to deflect criticism from the limp-dicked nincompoop they foisted on the nation four years ago.That will take a Pulitzer-prize effort,but I’m sure they’re up to it.Hell,they’ve been doing it forever.


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