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The CINC’s empty chair

Chrissy’s Site Bites @ http://news.webshots.com/photo/2933920270056011884cwaBJc

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When queried, Obama’s spokesman did not dispute the numbers, but said they were “not particularly interesting or useful.” According to this White House, it’s enough for Obama to read his briefing book.

But former officials who have detailed knowledge of the briefing process disagree. THEY say it is enormously important both for the president and those who prepare the material to meet IN PERSON.

For the president, the meeting is an opportunity to ask questions of the briefers, probe assumptions and request additional information.

For those preparing the brief, meeting with the president on a daily basis gives them vital, direct feedback from the commander in chief about what is on his mind, how they can be more responsive to his needs, and what information he may have to feed back into the intelligence process.

This process cannot be replicated on paper.

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Israel weighs in on birth certificate

Israel Science and Technology has just published the results of its own, independent analysis of the alleged long-form birth certificate the Obama White House claims is an authentic photocopy of Obama’s original birth document.

In short, their analyses

reveal without a doubt that the Long-Form Birth Certificate of Mr. Obama is a fabricated, fake and forged document.

The publication of such a blatantly fake document about something so basic as the birthplace of Mr. Obama, should raise great concern about the suitability of the person who is holding the reigns on the most powerful country of the World.

Moreover, the lack of action on the part of the members of the United States House of Representatives and Senate, as well as the courts of the United States, despite many previous appeals to these three branches of American government, also raise a concern about how the governmental institutions of the reputedly best, and certainly the most important democracy in the Free World have avoided this issue.


September 11, 2012: I checked this morning and the White House document is still posted on the White House site @ http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/rss_viewer/birth-certificate-long-form.pdf

If you have doubts, I encourage you to go to the Israeli report @ http://www.science.co.il/Obama-Birth-Certificate.htm and follow the simple instructions provided for doing your own revealing analysis, using just the original document you can download yourself from the White House site plus free, easy-to-use graphics viewing software you can also download yourself.

At the end of the Israeli report, they provide a good list of links to other analyses that serves well for anyone who has not been paying attention and wants now to play catch up.

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There are certain events in one’s life which are so profound as to be indelibly etched in your mind forever.

I remember where I was on Friday,Nov. 22,1963.

I also remember Tuesday,Sept. 11,2001.





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