Shameless lack of gravitas

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Above: This isn’t the first time Biden has kissed a female supporter on the lips. On Aug 31, 2012, while campaigning at the Canfield fair in Ohio, he planted a wet one on the lips of supporter, Bev Kalmer of Poland, Ohio.

Below: I love the look on the biker guy’s face. I think he’s thinking what I’m thinking.



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2 responses to “Shameless lack of gravitas

  1. The Joe’s Biker Chick post on Ace of Spades had many delightfully disparaging comments and suitably snarky captions, as well as much amusing discussion of the psychology and likely thoughts of those pictured. “This stupid f—–‘s gonna get shot or shived, and I hope the poor dumb SS bastard that pulled retard duty doesn’t get wasted, too” was pretty amusing. (Should I have -‘d out b—–d?) Also, much speculation that it was staged, and suspicion of whether they were true hard-core bikers or wannabes, but I thought this quote stood out as the best:

    137I just am trying to imagine anyone, anywhere who sees this as anything but just creepy. Is there any woman alive who doesn’t just get a shudder at that image?
    —Christopher Taylor on Ace of Spades

    The other must-see picture that Ace linked to is proof [Huffpost] that BO is a lightweight, if not light in the loafers. Isn’t he cute! Isn’t he so huggable!

    EEEEEWWWWWW. This is the weirdest election ever!

    Also, regarding the BO pic, can you imagine someone trying this with, say, Nixon? I would think in those days if someone got that close, much less did this, that the Secret Service would have him down on the floor with a few broken parts. Of course, not to disparage the somewhat-tarnished but historically noble Secret Service, but I can see them willingly let some embarrassment spill on their commander. Entirely unconsciously, I’m sure.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    I’m a woman and I’m alive so I guess I’m qualified to say, Heck yes. CREEPY to the max!

    As for Duzar the alleged Republican who feels “comfortable” with Obama … what can one say other than maybe steroids have rotted his gray cells.