Pray for them

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I read a piece likening the Democrats’ triple vote on allowing God back on to their platform with Peter’s 3 denials of Jesus.

I see a huge divide in the Democrat party, with the religious liberals on one side and the atheist Marxists on the other. It reminds me of the pre-Civil War Democrats, when slavery divided the Democrats the way abortion is doing now. The anti-slavery crew ended up leaving and joining the new GOP.

And I couldn’t help thinking not only of Peter, but also of Judas: the one who repented and the one who self-destructed.  I think we need to pray for the Peters in the Dem camp, that they’ll receive the graces they need to repent and get the heck outa Dodge.

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10 responses to “Pray for them

  1. I think you have a good point on this issue. I do think that there is going to be a very big split in the DNC because the conservative Democrats are being locked out by the “progressive” minority. There is not much more that they will be able to take before they decide that enough is enough.

    Believe it or not, the same thing is happening in Australia. The rusted on Labor supporters will not change all that much. However, there is something happening that is quite stunning. First, there was the Northern Territory elections. It is not that big a deal because the population is small, except that the Liberal Party (our conservatives) won the majority of seats, including the seats in outlying Aborigine areas. Second, we just had NSW council elections, and the good news was that fewer people voted for the Greens to have any control in the Councils even though there were a couple of exceptions. On top of that the vote going to the Liberal Party in ALP dominated Councils was a real surprise. In one area it was a double digit swing.
    All of this is despite the union campaign that those baddies were going to start amalgamating councils and that means local jobs will go etc. etc…. the scare campaign did not work.

    There is a silent majority in both of our countries. The silent majority is conservative in nature. Some, but not all are religiously conservative – Obama called them the bitter clingers. The silent majority is quite fed up with being hit about the head and having to accept the b.s. about climate change as well as the godless attitude of the libertines within the Greens as well as within the ALP.

    In my country there are some additional scandals, some of which involve the activities of our Marxist PM from about 20 years ago. She claims to have been young and naive. That is a lie because she was over 30 and she knowingly did something that was professionally corrupt. People who are members of unions are angry about what has been happening. There will be a backlash when we finally get to have a fresh election.


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