Setting the record straight

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2004 – U.S. Senate Candidate Obama Dismisses Bush Jobs Report [1:45]

In this video clip, U.S. Senate candidate Barack Obama sneers at George Bush’s economic leadership, saying the uptick in economic activity in March 2004 was not that big a deal. In his words,

“Middle class and working class Americans are being squeezed, working longer hours, for less pay, it’s harder for them to find jobs that pay a living wage.”

Hmm. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But according to the Obama White House, the recently released economic report for August 2012

“provides further evidence that the U.S. economy is continuing to recover from the worst downturn since the Great Depression.”


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What we have here is not “the worst downturn since the Great Depression”, but the worst RECOVERY since the Great Depression. (And a Big-Government-Democrat orchestrated that prolonged piece of misery too.) The ACTUAL worst downturn since the Great Depression was brought on by none other than Democrat Jimmy Carter.

Ronald Reagan inherited a MUCH worse economic situation from Jimmy Carter than Barack Obama inherited from George Bush.

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But instead of pork-laden, crony-feeding, borrow-and-spend, big government programs, Reagan implemented the same kind of things Romney and Ryan want to implement. Below are 2 data-based, non-partisan comparisons of how well the two approaches actually operated in the real world.

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President Obama is running around making loads of promises about how he’s going to FIX things if we just give him Four More Years. Who is he kidding? He made the exact same promises in 2008.

He’s HAD four years.

Check out what his record is on economic leadership.

  • The dark blue line is what Obama said would happen if we passed that ginormous pork-laden stimulus bill in 2009.
  • The light blue line is what Obama said would happen if we did not pass said porkulus legislation.
  • The dark red line is what ACTUALLY HAPPENED after we PASSED that ginormous pork-laden stimulus bill in 2009.

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As a predictor of economic trends, Obama clearly gets a big fat F.  Let’s hope he will prove to have been more prescient about the tolerance of the American people.

He’s right [:30]

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