Yes, they really do serve Satan

It is one short step from forcing us to pay for birth control to forcing us to pay for abortions, sex change operations and who knows whatever else atheistic Leftists decide will most offend God. In Germany, they have already outlawed circumcision.

Did you see the booing and shouting on the floor of the Democrat’s convention over restoring God and Jerusalem to the platform? Is there really ANY question any more who Obama Democrats are really working for?

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5 responses to “Yes, they really do serve Satan

  1. Ting

    Well, I guess it depends on the religion when it comes to free expression in Obama’s America. We can’t make the Fort Hood shooter shave his beard to appear in court because it would violate his religious freedom, but just try to practice Catholicism…..


      • chrissythehyphenated

        I’m thinking maybe the unholy alliance between the atheist Left and the extremist sharia Muslims is like Hitler and Mussolini or Hitler and Hirohito. They allied only so they could take out the bigger enemies. No way they had anything but annihilation in mind for each other if they won, KWIM?


        • Double yup. At the leadership levels, I think you’re spot on. And who can blame them? It’s war. What drives me crazy is the rank and file lefties, the ones that we have to deal with at work and in the community, who live in the bubble. They really think that anything negative they hear about Islam is Christian propaganda, so they give muslims infinite benefit of the doubt, and total support, while thinking only the very worst about Christians and clinging to the most ignorant, threadbare stereotypes. It’s maddening, especially when they tell us “you only believe what you do because you were brought up that way.” Or “you’re just parroting what you’ve been told.” I just love that. But ask them a single question about what they believe, and the house of cards collapses. And then, of course, WE’re the jerks. 😀