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16 Trillion reasons to NOT vote for Democrats

In their own words [1:21]

From 2003 to 2007, Congress and President Bush overspent the nation’s budget so much that they increased the national debt by 33%. In order to make this legal, they voted three times to increase the statutory debt limit from $7,384 billion in 2003 to $9,815 billion in 2007.

To understand this in personal terms, think of taxpayers (present and future) as joints owners of a credit card company and Congress and President Bush as the card holder. The rest of us shlubs can only get an increase on our credit card debt limits when the card company decides we can be trusted to pay it back, right?

Well, what Congress and President Bush did was give themselves a credit limit increase … to the tune of 2½ Trillion dollars! And We, The People … all the taxpayers (present and future) who will ultimately eat the debt these turkeys ran up had nothing to say in the matter.

And, as if that wasn’t bad enough, some of the money they borrowed to finance their spending came from Social Security. That’s right. They raided our joint retirement savings, money we set aside for our futures, to finance their present over-spending. Pretty slimey, right?

Think back to 2006 and 2008.  Remember the Democrats’ political rhetoric about this? Remember how people like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama railed against the irresponsibility and injustice of it all? Remember how that’s one of the reasons we voted them into office?

Don’t you feel enormously betrayed that, the minute they got into power, they INCREASED spending and INCREASED the deficit so fast and by so much that they made George W. Bush look like Ebenezer Scrooge by comparison?!

Democrats took majority control of Congress in January 2007, but spending is (usually) off-set a year, because each year, Congress is supposed to plan spending for the following year.

 Usually … in 2009, the Pelosi-Reid-Obama Democrat Hat Trick government added the $800 Billion Stimulus spending bill to the 2009 budget that was passed in 2008. Politically, it makes no difference, because the 2008 Congress was controlled by Democrats anyway. But they like to claim all that 2009 spending somehow belongs to Bush, who was RETIRED in TEXAS when the Stimulus spending was tacked on, and the eeevil Republicans, who were in the minority in Congress!

Keep in mind that Congress writes and passes federal spending plans.  The President makes recommendations, but when it comes to actual budget legislation, his only power lies in signing or vetoing.

In 2008, Canadidate Obama made a well-advertised promise to “go through the budget line by line” but the fact is, the President of the United States does not have line item veto. It’s all or nothing.

You can blame the Republican majority Congresses under Bush for that 33% increase to $9,815 billion in 2007.  But the Pelosi-Reid 2007-2008 Congress (with Obama in the Senate) increased spending so much that they DOUBLED the Republican deficit IN THEIR FIRST YEAR. 

 (The national DEBT is the total amount we owe. Each year, the government takes in some amount and spends some amount. If the income is higher, the budget SURPLUS reduces the DEBT. If the spending is higher, the budget DEFICIT increases the DEBT.)

The second budget they passed (in 2008 for 2009) was higher still and, shortly after they got their Hat Trick with Obama in the White House and Democrat majorities in both the House and the Senate, they passed the 2009 stimulus spending bill and added ANOTHER $800 Billion to the already bloated 2009 deficit!

They haven’t even bothered to pass any budgets since then. They just keep spending. And when they hit the debt ceiling, they did what they had shrieked was totally unacceptable when Bush Republicans did it. I.e., they increased the statutory debt limit so they could keep right on spending and debting and stealing from our retirements and our childrens’ futures.

So please … when you hear Democrats like Barack Obama bleat about the evil Republican Romney-Ryan spending plan, take it with $16 Trillion dollars worth of salt. Because that’s what the national debt has hit, thanks to six years of leadership by the exact same people who bellowed back in 2007 that Bush’s $9.8 Trillion debt was irresponsible and unpatriotic.

Chrissy’s Site Bites @ http://news.webshots.com/photo/2364566090056011884shsqur

Click on graphic to embiggen.


Sources for debt information:

Treasury Department’s November 2007 report on Public Debt for Fiscal Years 2007 and 2006 Summary:

Click to access feddebt_ann2007.pdf

US Budget Deficit: 2008 Doubles 2007


Gross Federal Debt chart – 1940-2007


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I must confess I missed the opening night of the liberal love-fest.I read and heard all I needed to this morning.There are plenty of videos today,most of them very short.Enjoy.




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Very interesting take on Eastwood’s “meandering” act

Jackie Mason, widely regarding as one of the greatest stand up comedians of all time, dubbed Eastwood’s RNC performance “absolutely brilliant” and “perfectly conceived.”

“I thought it was absolutely brilliant and all these commentators that are fiddling with it sound like idiots to me. They are trying to intellectualize it, interpreting it because it was too much comedy, it was inappropriate, it was insulting, it was bad taste. And these people are absolutely nuts.”

“Clint Eastwood was trying to do one thing. He was trying to do a comedy routine and it was a brilliantly conceiving comedy routine. And he purposely put on an act of being a little frazzled, of being a little old, to make it sound like he wasn’t being intentionally abusive or directly attacking anybody.”

“And this was so artfully, perfectly conceived.”

“His purpose was to entertain the audience”

“Each one of his lines had a huge insane laugh. The audience loved every minute of it.”

“If you read it you’ll find every joke was exactly to the point, very sharp commentary.”

Source @ http://www.wnd.com/2012/09/jackie-mason-cheers-eastwoods-frazzled-schtick/


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Get ready for the fan!

Disclaimer: Below is a compendium of resources available through WND. Now … WND offers some really out-there stuff that I often find way too tinfoil hat for my consumption. That being said, they’ve been on top of the Obama eligibility thing for years and have the best data base I am aware of. Maybe the two are linked. What mainstream news organization could have gotten away with it? Even the PTBs in the GOP won’t touch anything tainted by the stench of “birtherism.”

But all that is changing. Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse has been cleared of all charges, the Democrats PTBs are on notice that they cannot certify Obama eligibility without bringing down perjury charges on their heads, leading Democrats refused to go to the convention, reporters are complaining that Obama is an ass and the mainstream media’s blockade on negative Obama stories is crumbling.

My hope for the upcoming weeks is that some of the Democrat leaders in some of the critical states will draw the line at risking jail time for Barack and refuse to certify he is eligible. This will force him to choose between getting on those ballots or producing his REAL birth certificate.

I think he’ll go with the latter. Said revelations will make no difference to his most loyal base, any more than the Monica Lewinsky revelations did. Being a Left-Wing Democrat is a religion to these people and they are every bit as unthinking and belligerent about their beliefs as the worst of the worst in any recognized world religion.

But just as Clinton’s perjury and sexual abuse of an intern his daughter’s age mattered a LOT to thinking voters, so too will Obama’s lies (and birth record forgeries) matter a LOT. The next couple of months will be ever so entertaining!

I’m passing on the resources below so that you can prepare yourself to be knowledgable when the you-know-what HITS THE FAN!!  WND has marked everything down to bargain prices because time is short to make a difference. I have ordered the listing by price, lowest to highest.


INTRODUCTION TO THE SUBJECT – A short, sweet and cheap 32-page paperback for one dollar @ http://superstore.wnd.com/specialty-items/Obama-Eligibility-Primer-WND-Special-Report-Paperback

BUMPER STICKERS – “Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?” bumper stickers @ http://superstore.wnd.com/specialty-items/Current-Events/Wheres-the-REAL-Birth-Certficate-Magnetic-Easy-Off-Adhesive-Bumper-Sticker

THE FIRST BOOK – While supplies last, hardcover copies of the first bestselling book to explore the eligibility issue in depth, “The Manchurian President” @ http://superstore.wnd.com/sales/99-CENT-STORE/The-Manchurian-President-Autographed-Hardcover_4


OLDER DVD – Marked down and only while supplies last. “A Question of Eligibility” @ http://superstore.wnd.com/video/Current-Affairs_2/A-Question-Of-Eligibility-Is-Obamas-Presidency-Constitutionally-Legitimate-DVD

EVEN OLDER DVD – Aug 19, 2009 “For the Record: I’m Not Crazy” @ http://superstore.wnd.com/video/Current-Affairs_2/For-The-Record-IM-NOT-CRAZY-DVD


COLD CASE POSSE – Jerome Corsi and Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo have collaborated on an e-book called “A Question of Eligibility: A Law-Enforcement Investigation into Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate and His Eligibility to be President.” Purchasers will get free downloadable updates of the latest information and findings whenever there’s breaking news. Read more @ http://superstore.wnd.com/digital/A-Question-of-Eligibility-e-book


NEW DVD – “Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception” by filmmaker Joel Gilbert. He purports that known communist operator Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s biological father and chief mentor. Read more @ http://superstore.wnd.com/video/Dreams-from-my-Real-Father-DVD

DISCLAIMER from CtH: There is no question in my mind that Davis was a deeply important, father-like figure to Obama in those critical years when a boy is becoming a man. But I do not buy that Davis was Obama’s sperm donor. See my argument at the end.

CORSI’S ORIGINAL BOOK – I read this when it came out. It’s excellent. They’re offering autographed hardbacks and including Corsi’s e-book update for free! Read more @ http://superstore.wnd.com/specialty-items/birth-certificate/Wheres-the-Birth-Certificate-AutographedHardcover


YARD SIGNS – “Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?” @ http://superstore.wnd.com/specialty-items/birth-certificate/Wheres-The-REAL-Birth-CertificateSign28x22


MORE STUFF – Postcards, special reports, OTHER bumper stickers, T-shirts and more @ http://superstore.wnd.com/specialty-items/birth-certificate

RE: My skepticism about Davis as BHO baby daddy rests on two pieces of evidence.

One, I have never seen any reason given, credible or otherwise, for why the Dunham family up and moved to Hawaii when they did. The parents both had jobs, they all had friends and a life in Seattle. Why would a family suddenly uproot all that just when the only child is about to head into all the trauma and expense of college?  How about an unwed pregnancy?

Two, we have documentary evidence from outside the Obama camp (college transcripts, published street directories) demonstrating that Ann lived with her parents and attended college classes in the fall semester (1960) in Hawaii, then lived at home, but did not attend classes during the spring or summer (1961). Then, come the end of August, 1961, allegedly just weeks after the birth of Baby Barack, this single teen-aged mother is living in and attending college classes in Seattle, WA. NOT!

I’ve given birth and raised 3 daughters. From both points of view, the only birth sequence that makes any sense of Ann’s residence and college transcripts is the one that also explains the Dunham’s sudden move to Hawaii. That is, Ann got knocked up by a black boy in Seattle at the end of her senior year in high school, she went to classes in the fall when her baby bump was small enough to hide under the loose clothing common in Hawaii, then stayed at home and out of sight during her last months of pregnancy and first months of motherhood.

I believe Barack’s real birth date is likely to be 3/4/61. If I was organizing a fake birth record for my grandson’s bogus green card daddy, I’d pick a birth date INS would believe that was also easy to fake off the real one. 3/4/61 is easy to change to 8/4/61. A March birth fits the knocked up in Seattle scenario and the August date fits the time delay required by Ann having not met Barack Sr. until the fall of 1960 in Hawaii.

The INS-inspired August birth date also explains why a very young, allegedly “in love” and newlywed mom would live neither with her husband nor with her doting parents while caring for a baby and attending college classes. She was a freshman and already matriculted in Hawaii, for goodness sake. The only explanation that makes any sense of her move to Seattle is that they had to hide the baby from INS until he was old enough that his age was not obvious and/or the green card daddy had left Hawaii.

If you’ve watched babies grow, you know how easy it is to tell a newborn from a six month old baby. Corsi reports that when Ann moved to Seattle with her baby, she visited a high school friend. In the friend’s FIRST interview, she said the baby appeared to be about six months old. Every interview after that, she had her lesson down pat and in line with the official narrative. The baby was “a newborn.”

Suuure he was. And I totally believe that Ann, her doting parents and her “new husband” collaborated in moving her and that little baby thousands of miles away … so she could struggle with sleepless nights, diapers, childcare, housework, shopping, college classes and homework all on her own. /sarc

Hiding Baby Barry from the INS in Hawaii makes sense not only of Ann’s move to Seattle, but also of her move back to Hawaii shortly after Barack Sr. was graduated and moved to Boston. With faux daddy gone, INS no longer mattered. Plus, by then Barry was a toddler. I know from experience that you cannot tell how old a toddler really is. I babysat for a 2 year old once who was as tall and as verbally precocious as any ordinary 4 year old and I had friends whose premie was so teensy weensy at 2, it was kind of weird how coordinated and clever she was.

On another note, Obama clearly knows his own birth story. Given the likelihood of the above … don’t you have to wonder what degree of self-loathing our ultra-pro-abortion president must harbor, knowing that he was the “punishment” for his mother’s mistake and that, had he been conceived just a few years later, would have been flushed down the toilet at Seattle Planned Parenthood clinic?


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