Obama vs. Romney at Rasmussen

Chrissy’s Site Bites @ http://news.webshots.com/photo/2844901250056011884YqKomD

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One response to “Obama vs. Romney at Rasmussen

  1. More signs of the false messiah’s end times!

    Peeked in at the ol’ stompin’ grounds and found Kevin in fine form, reporting (with his own Chicago sources!) how the plans to buy the Obamas their Hawaii retirement home have become accelerated! It behooves us not to become complacent, but this seems to me to be a rather significant tea leaf that EmptyChair is about to become RockingChair.

    “There is no hope of Obama winning the election, and though the corrupt media and Democrats will never admit it, behind the scenes those close to the Obamas have thrown in the towel and are helping plan the Hawaiian move four years earlier than they anticipated just a few months ago.”

    Speaking of #eastwooding (Yow! I’m starting to talk Twit!):

    Best reactions to President’s “This Seat’s Taken” Cry for Attention

    President Obama Begins Day With Surprise Visit to New Orleans, Wades Into Flood Waters To Show Solidarity With Flood Victims (PHOTOS)

    And, off-topically, for those who thought Obama’s preoccupation with touching his nose a consequence of nostrilly-applied recreational chemistry, a tip in a comment elsewhere had me do this Google search. It’s apparently a genuine form of Pinnochio effect, which would of course explain why he does it all the time. (I want to master Body language. Is there a Rosetta Stone software course for that?)

    (Those last three thanks to commenters on Ace of Spades.)

    Gooooooood afternoon. Hope the weekend is treating all as well as can be hoped. 😀