The latest birther salvo

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Romney says he was never asked about his birth certificate [1:15]

August 24, 2012: Mitt Romney started off a Michigan campaign event with, “I love being home, in this place where Ann and I were raised, where both of us were born. Ann was born in Henry Ford Hospital; I was born in Harper Hospital. No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate; they know that this is the place that we were born and raised.”

Romney also said that he had visited all 83 counties of Michigan while growing up. It’s nice he got the number of counties in Michigan right … unlike Barack Obama, who once told a 2008 campaign crowd he’d been to all 57 states, or his running mate, Joe Biden, who recently told another campaign crowd that this was the 20th century.

A couple of hours after Romney’s speech, the Obama campaign posted on its facebook page:

Mitt Romney directly enlisted himself in the birther movement this morning: “No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know this is the place I was born.” Get the President’s back. Stand with him in this election against false, divisive charges.

Messages sent from Obama’s personal Twitter account called Romney’s dig a “new low” and said, “This is personal now.”

Seriously, Barry? “False, divisive charges”? “This is personal now”? Should we cue the “ominous music” sound track now?

Mr. President, how exactly are we supposed to KNOW these charges are FALSE when you’ve been paying your personal army of lawyers to fight every effort anyone has made to verify your life history?

Obama talks about secrecy [:05]

As for DIVISIVE … puh-leeze. If the charges really were FALSE, you could have ended the whole thing years ago and then there would have been nothing left for anyone to be all divisive about, now would there? But no. To you and yours, we’re all just a bunch of dirty RAAAACISTS!

Except … it’s not racist to ask for proof of your eligibility.

In 2000, Bush’s pasty white VP nominee, Dick Cheney, had his eligibility challenged in court. Nobody sealed his records and screamed the American people had no right to ask the question. And when the court ruled, the issue became a non-issue.

Chrissy’s Site Bites @

In 2008, at least three cases were filed against pasty white GOP candidate John McCain, all challenging his eligibility based on his birth in the Panama Canal Zone.

Chrissy’s Site Bites @

According to an article at the Michigan Law Review, all of the eligibility cases against McCain were dismissed for the same technicality I’ve seen cited for the dismissal of most (or all) of the Obama eligibility cases. That is, that the plaintiffs lacked “standing.”  As explained in the article,

“It is questionable whether anyone would have standing to challenge a presidential candidate’s eligibility in federal court.”

How weird is it that American voters have NO legal right to demand a presidential candidate prove he has a right to be President?

I don’t understand what “standing” really means, so your guess is as good as mine why a court agreed to rule on the Cheney challenge. Maybe it was because the issue was not his birth, but whether he was a resident of Texas or not. The plaintiffs were Texans, so maybe that gave them standing?

It seems 100% bizarre and unfair that a Texan could challenge a person’s eligibility under the 12th Amendment, but that NO American can challenge a person’s eligibility under the natural born citizen clause that’s actually in the original body of the Constitution!

Anyway …. to get back to the “false, divisive” thing. The way I see it, there has been one huge, important difference between Obama’s and McCain’s birther problems.

A bipartisan legal review and a UNANIMOUS Senate resolution both concluded that McCain was a natural-born citizen, because both his parents were U.S. citizens. This point has no bearing on the questions that exist for Obama’s eligibility.

Two Vice Presidents have fallen into this same not-so-gray area. Democrat VP Al Gore was born in Washington, D.C.; Republican VP Charles Curtis was born in the Kansas Territory.

Personally, I do not believe that President Obama was born in Kenya. But I do think there are a number of compelling questions about Obama’s eligibility as a natural born citizen.

Remember, McCain, Gore and Curtis were not born in actual U.S. states, but the legal consensus was that the Founders meant “natural born” to mean “born of two American citizens”, not “born on U.S. soil.”

I think this makes a ton of sense. Why would the Founders care where you took your first breath? The important thing is … were you raised with divided national loyalties?

And on that issue, there are serious issues where Barack Obama is concerned, issues that SHOULD have been raised, discussed and SETTLED LONG BEFORE HE GOT ELECTED!

  • The man he claims is his father was a British citizen in the Colony of Kenya. Did Barack ever have dual American-British citizenship?
  • There is some question that Ann, Baby Barack’s mother, being only 17 at the time of his birth, was not able to pass citizenship to her son. Is that true? Is it significant?
  • When Barack was a young boy, he was apparently adopted by Lolo Soetoro, his mother’s Indonesian husband and the father of Barack’s half sister. The family moved to Indonesia, where Barack was registered in school as an Indonesian citizen. Some say Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship. What does that mean for Barack’s American citizenship?
  • Obama says that he traveled to Pakistan in 1981. In 1981, it was not possible to enter Pakistan on a U.S. passport. How, then, did Barack get in and out of Pakistan?

These are all SUBSTANTIAL QUESTIONS that people like us were asking back in 2008. We deserved answers. We got nothing but scorn and ridicule.

Since then, even apart from all of the above, we’ve seen serious evidence presented by very credible witnesses that both of Obama’s birth certificates are digital forgeries, that his draft registration has been illegally altered and that the Social Security number he uses actually belongs to someone else. Forging any one of these is a serious crime, so why are we still being treated like wide-eyed, snaggle-toothed whack jobs for wanting answers?

I have documented my research on the birther issue at Chrissy’s Site Bites in my “Birth and Dreams – Fraud in the Obama Narrative” album @

I’m sure Obama’s tingly-legged ‘bots will be disappointed to learn that I do not own a tinfoil hat.

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8 responses to “The latest birther salvo

  1. GP

    I can’t wait until this phoney is voted out. I think the truth will come out then. Then he can slink off to the beach and Hawaii and cry for the rest of his life about that vast right wing conspiracy.
    What a scumbag.
    Anyone see 2016 yet? I am hearing raves from friends. Can’t wait to see it.


  2. Ting

    Yep, this is all a huge puzzle, but when he is out of the White Hut, as Pete calls it, then we will start to know a lot more. There will be money to be made, you know…..


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I am looking forward to the collapse of the Vast Obama Support Network! Folks have changed their stories and/or whispered to reporters they dare not say what they know is true for fear of being Joe the Plumbered. Once that fear is gone, I’m expecting a flood of angry, truth-telling folks eager to get some payback for the Obama Machine’s intimidation tactics.


  3. I’m continually amazed at how thin-skinned Øbama and his cronies are. Mitt makes one harmless little joke, and they all have conniptions and start wetting their pants. Meanwhile, they accuse Romney and Ryan of wanting to starve orphans and push old ladies off of cliffs and put black people back in chains, and we’re not supposed to object or call foul on them. Nothing like a little double standard to spice up your life.


    • Ting

      These hissy fits are a clue – to what I do not yet know. But there is something there I think or they would just laugh about it or ignore it. Somewhere, someone has been blogging something that is too close to the truth for their comfort, I think.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Reminds me of a line from one of the Lethal Weapons movies when Leo tells Roger that his house is riddled with termites. “The only thing holding this place together is the paint.”


    • chrissythehyphenated

      They are so NOT subtle about the bias, it’s hard to believe they are SO dim that they don’t even see what they’re doing. I keep falling back on, “The appearance of a double standard is evidence of an underlying single agenda.”