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In other campaign eatery news …

Earlier this week, a small bakery owner was approached by Joe Biden’s advance team to arrange a campaign visit by the Vice President.

He said thanks, but no thanks. He disagrees with Obama’s policies and said he was particularly offended by Obama saying he had not built his own business.

Shortly afterwards, the Secret Service slipped in and thanked him for saying no (and bought sacks full of baked goodies).

The next day, Crumb and Get It had to shut down at 1:15 p.m. because they ran out of food.

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  1. Just a little while ago, daughter showed me the WBDJ-TV report on the No-Joe story. The newsdesk girl seemed astonished, asking the reporter-boy, “Are they worried about losing business?” BWAHAHAHAHAAH! This publicity is already a bigger fluking deal (as Joe might almost say) than anything Joe will ever gain from any small-businessman photo-op. And they’ve only been in business three months. (But, of course, they didn’t build that.)

    BTW, daughter wondered about what went on in the conference with Hillary where Joe came out still (allegedly) BO’s running mate. Did they say, well, McCain says we should dump Biden, and Palin says we should dump Biden. So we can’t dump Biden, or it’ll look like we’re following their advice! What cunning reverse psychology! 😀

    Got back on speedy Internet, but far from up to speed on time lost.



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