Who shares your values?

Mitt Romney?

Be Not Afraid [:31]

Or Barack Obama?

Obama’s Campaign of Lies Reaches Despicable Low – August 8, 2012


Unable to run on his record, President Hope-and-Change has built a campaign based entirely on lies about Mitt Romney.

The latest reaches a historic, despicable low.

A new Obama ad features a man named Joe Soptic claiming that Mitt Romney killed his wife.

The basis for his argument is that after Bain Capital closed his steel plant, Soptic lost his job and his insurance, and then his wife died of cancer.

Even it any of this were true, trying to blame Romney for his wife’s death defies credulity.

But it isn’t true.

1999: Romney left Bain in February to take over the Olympics.

2001: Bain closed the steel plant and Joe Soptic lost his job. Soptic’s wife still had her own job WITH INSURANCE at that time. She only lost her coverage LATER when she left that job.

2006: Soptic’s wife’s cancer was symptom-free and only discovered when she was hospitalized for pneumonia.

Even Obama-philes are rolling their eyes over this “Romney killed my wife” ad. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer called it “pretty outrageous” and HuffPo’s Sam Stein said it went “too far.”

The Obama campaign has refused to denounce the ad.

But why should Obama stop the lies when most in the press won’t call him on it and repeating lies keeps the focus on Romney and off Obama’s dreadful record as president?

Hope and Change be damned. Obama is nothing more nor less than an utterly shameless politician who will do or say anything to keep his job.

H/t Pistol Pete.


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2 responses to “Who shares your values?

  1. Ting

    It is just pathetic that only Obama can make me vote for Romney. I’m used to holding my nose to vote strategically, but this year really, really makes me nauseous.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I hope you can get over this, Ting. The more I see and hear of the actual man, the better I am liking him.