Fabric baby ball UPDATED

I made a fabric ball with this pattern (URL below) for the Buzzers. It has been a huge hit. Daddy Buzz especially enjoys it! LOL There have been some none-too-subtle hints from Mama Buzz and her sisters that Grammy Hyphen better produce balls for the Buzz Cousins. I just finished one for the Monkeys and had so much fun, I had to share.

The Corporals K and YoYo (aka, The Marines) are next on the Tuit list. They’re both artists. I’m thinking maybe it would be fun to pull out all my quilt fabric scraps and cut a LOT of sections and circles, then mail them so they can design their own ball. I’ll sew it.

K sews … all my girls do, it was one of Mom’s Non-Negotiable Summer Skill Acquisition Projects. And don’t you think for a single minute that I haven’t savored every minute of them buying their own machines and thanking me for making them learn! LOL The GRIPING I endured that summer!

But K’s working 12 hour days at her summer job, which will overlap with returning to college in the fall. I think she and YoYo will get a kick out of playing with the fabrics, shuffling colors around and sending them back for me to do the assembly. And I’ll end up with a LOT of left-over sections and circles ready to sew for the next baby shower that comes along. 🙂




UPDATE: I’m having fun!




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9 responses to “Fabric baby ball UPDATED

  1. So cute — and a great idea for those of us who have boxes of scraps left over from other projects!


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Just got a thumbs up for my idea from Corporal K: “They will love it!! And yes we will have a blast designing our own ball! Thanks for the future fun project :oD”


  3. Ting

    This ball looks so fun, but impossible for my poor skills. I have to make drapery panels in the next month or so – 9 of the suckers – and I am just gritting my teeth already!


  4. Sorry to bust in on your girl talk, but this is good stuff. I was thinking a lot about it the other day, before your update, when I was out building shed shelves out of scrap 2×4 pieces and weird-shaped pieces of plywood. All I could think of was how it was one big quilting project, and it took some weird techniques, not unlike what you’re talking about here, Chrissy. The resulting patterns ended up being pretty cool-looking, and I joked over on the other site about being able to see Elvis and the Virgin Mary in the patterns. I was going to take a photo and link it here, but then I looked at your beautiful work again and decided against it. 😉