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The people can smell it for what it is

Reid Accuses Romney of tax evasion on Senate floor [:49]

Senator Harry Reid was born in Searchlight, Nevada, in 1939. His boyhood home had no indoor toilet, hot water or telephone. He met his wife in high school. They married in his Mormon church in 1959 when he was about 20 and she was about 19. Her family (Jewish) disapproved. After school, he practiced law briefly, then got into politics and stayed.

1969-1970: Nevada state assembly

1970-74: Nevada lieutenant governor

1977–81: Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission

1982-86: U.S. House of Representatives

1986 – present: U.S. Senate

The five Reid children all went to college and three of them went to law school as well. Since Reid grew up poor and worked his way through law school, one might wonder where he managed to come up with the bucks to educate five kids to that degree when he has been working for a government salary since shortly after graduating from law school.

Keep wondering, because Harry Reid refuses to release his tax returns.

Best guess, he is currently worth somewhere between $2.6 and $5 million. That is quite a rise for a man who endlessly reminds us he was born poor and whose salaries have been a matter of public record for the past 43 years. His peak salary in politics is now where, as Senate Majority Leader, he is paid $193,400.

I refuse to say he EARNS $193,400, because he is largely responsible for the fact that the Senate has not passed a federal budget in three years. Since passing a budget is pretty much Job One for the U.S. Congress, you can appreciate my reluctance to give Reid credit for earning his exorbitant salary.

How does a man who’s only “product” is legislation manage to sock away millions? And how does a LAWYER (who himself refuses to disclose his finances and whose party leader refuses to disclose any of his personal documents) actually stand on the floor of the United States Senate and accuse Mitt Romney, MINUS ANY ACTUAL EVIDENCE, of being a tax cheat simply because he won’t do what Reid himself won’t do?

Senator Reid, until I see evidence to the contrary, I am going to ASSUME … MINUS EVIDENCE … that you enriched yourself off your government position, through cronyism and other backroom dealings.

Check out who else is on the Hypocrisy Train with Reid in suggesting Romney must be a tax criminal because he refuses to lay his finances out for all the world to see …

  •     Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader, refuses to release her financial information. Pelosi said Romney’s refusal to release more than two years of his personal tax returns makes him unfit to hold high office.
  •     Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, refuses to release her financial information. She accused Romeny of showing a “penchant for secrecy.”
  •     Missouri Democrat and Obama groupie Claire McCaskill is one of only 17 members of Congress who have shared more than the minimum financial disclosure required by law. However, since she filed separately from her wealthy spouse, her “disclosed” financials show only her salary. Remember what Reid said about Romney’s investments in Bermuda being evidence of tax dodging?  One guess which Missouri Democrat has a wealthy spouse with investments in Bermuda.

Thankfully, Mitt is refusing to be cowed or bowed by any of this bull crap. I’m loving this guy more and more!






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The Ithaca Journal photoshops the news

The Ithaca Journal demonstrated its “tolerance” and “commitment to journalistic integrity” in the photos it posted of the July 28, 2012 Dryden Lake Festival @


Did you catch where it says NEWS in big letters in the URL?

Take a closer look at what it actually reported in my new Chrissy’s Site Bites album “Ithaca Journal photoshops the news” @ http://news.webshots.com/album/578482430ijHsjN

Ithaca is the home of the very left-wing Cornell University. Left-wing Ithacans pompously refer to their hometown as The Little Apple, because … well, you know … Lefties loathe and despise small towns and small town values.

Ithaca also votes Democrat. Period. And it’s clear that the Ithaca Journal (or as some of us like to call it, the Ithaca Urinal) is in full compliance with the Democrats’ agenda.

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Gourmet Baby Travel!

Get a load of the Mascots’ travel accommodations! Personal DVD screens and cup holders, lots of room for toys, books, and blankies. A mirror so the driver can see in the rear view how back-facing Bunny is doing.

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Another dorky poll

August 2, 2012: Pew Poll gives Obama 51% vs. Romney 41% in “If election were today” question

BUT is Obama really ten points ahead?

Party Affiliation in Pew Sample vs. Gallup Party Affiliation Poll July 19-22, 2012 (most recent) = Skew

Republican 459 = 24.5% vs. 28% = minus 3.5 points

Independent 599 = 32% vs. 41% = minus 9 points

Democrat 813 = 43.5% vs. 30% = plus 13.5 points

Total 1871 = 100% showing 17 point skew toward Democrat over Republican

Calculating the Independent skew – With “Leaners”, Gallup reports Republican 47% vs. Democrat 45%

Republican 47% – 28% = 19 points from Independents = 43%

Democrat 45% – 30% = 15 points from Independents = 34%

Independent 41% – 31 points = 10 Independents with no Lean = 23%

Rough split of the minus 9 points worth of Independents between Republican, Democrat and No Lean:

Republican 4 vs. Democrat 2 vs. None 2

Assuming I’ve done the math right (not a good assumption, I assure you!), this adds another 2 points to the skew toward Democrat over Republican, for a whopping total of 19. That’s nearly double the lead they’re showing for Obama over Romney.

So, yeah, Obama’s ahead if you mostly only ask Obama voters who they’ll vote for. Duh.

Sources @



H/t to GP for heads up on this one.

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The “Missing Pete” Open Thread

New York has a new law I actually support!

Got this from Senator Seward:

August inaugurates the new “ALL-CRIMES DNA LAW,” which will dramatically strengthen and expand New York State’s crime-fighting DNA database, is now in effect.

Under the new law, which I was proud to support in the senate, thousands of additional criminals will have to submit a DNA sample upon their conviction.  This will provide police officers and district attorneys with the additional tools they need to help solve hundreds of unsolved “cold-cases,” while also preventing thousands of future crimes from occurring.

In particular, this landmark criminal justice reform will assist our law enforcement professionals in tracking down and punishing rapists and sexual predators — getting them off the streets and putting them behind bars where they belong.

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