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Get the govt jackboot off our necks!

Give the next 12 minutes of your life to hearing some serious common sense about the American businesses that create most of the jobs and wealth in this nation, including the wealth that gets funneled to the government to pay for roads, bridges and teachers.

Rep. Kelly’s Rousing Floor Speech Gets Standing Ovation [5:04]

ZoNation: Hippies and Liberals Are the Greedy Ones, Not Conservatives [6:52]

Zo talks about a drummer who forgot to bring his drum set to a band gig. How does an entire band drive itself to a gig without noticing they don’t have the DRUMS?! The sticks, sure. But for crying out loud … a trap set has five drums, a couple of cymbals, PLUS a seat for the drummer and all the stands the drums and cymbals need!


H/t to Pistol Pete for the videos.

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You NEED to SEE this!

This is not Tinfoil Hat conspiracy theory stuff or Right Wingnut agitprop.

The videos are from a July 27, 2012 press conference sponsored by a United States Senator and made by sworn federal agents.

In short … the Obama Administration has ORDERED immigration officers to RELEASE illegal aliens if they simply SAY “I have a GED” or “I am a DREAMer.” This includes child molesters, rapists, drug dealers … you name it. If someone is a citizen, they get prosecuted. If they’re ILLEGALS, they get RELEASED.

Please. Watch. Listen. Link. Forward.

Americans need to understand what this administration is really doing!

Agents Face Threat Of Pink Slips If They Enforce The Law [6:23]

Top Immigration Officials Describe Border Chaos [3:48]

On June 15, 2012, Obama ordered law enforcement officials to release, without question, proof or evidence, ANY illegal who says he or she has a GED or is a DREAMer. Nation of laws? Not under this president!




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Civil Disobedience

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More pathetic BS from Team Obama

Click on graphics to embiggen.

I cannot help comparing this with Mitt Romney speaking at the rabidly anti-Republican NAACP’s convention.

Chrissy’s Site Bites @

It reminds me of another event in the annals of the Obama’s New Kind of Politics production company.

Chrissy’s Site Bites @

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The view from my south windows

My husband took this picture of my deck garden just a few days ago. The weather for much of the summer has been brutally hot and humid — not very pleasant for human beings, but ideal for petunias, marigolds, evolvulus, and herbs.

Here are some pictures of my little friend Lily helping me plant flowers. Lily is four years old and has been coming to my house one day a week for most of her life. She loves to help with the gardening, as you can see.


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CFL bulbs emit UV rays

The Environmental Protection Agency web-site states that overexposure to UV radiation is linked to skin cancer (melanoma and nonmelanoma), premature aging of the skin and other skin problems, cataracts and other eye damage, and immune system suppression.

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H/t to bob for giving me the heads up!

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Common sense on gun control

The mass murder in Aurora, Colorado, has brought forth the usual Leftist calls for more gun control legislation. Obama is no exception, weeping crocodile tears for

“the dozens gunned down on the streets of Chicago and Atlanta, and here in New Orleans … Milwaukee or Cleveland.”

Romney made a different, and to my mind more common sense, point.

“A lot of what this … young man did was clearly against the law. But the fact that it was against the law did not prevent it from happening.”

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Bob adds:


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Seriously,y’all,its not that I’m shirking my investigative duties,its just that I have so many youtubes cached,I need to clean out some of them.Be assured I spend hours loking for stuff and I am including some really good (I think,anyway) links.Most of the videos are short,so they won’t take up too much of your time.Please enjoy them.




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The MORAL case for Free Enterprise

The Moral Case for Free Enterprise [7:57]

This excellent video would be a good choice for your liberal, Democrat-voting Christians, people who truly care about the poor, but have been suckered into believing that Obama’s socialism is more fair and better for the poor than Romney’s free enterprise.

Brooks wrote The Road to Freedom: How to Win the Fight for Free Enterprise (2012) and The Battle: How the Fight between Free Enterprise and Big Government Will Shape America’s Future (2010) which I have not read.

He also wrote one of my all-time favorite books, Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism (2007). This one cured me FOREVER of the Democrats’ lies about fairness and free enterprise.

Brooks used to be a typical liberal university professor. His own research forced him to change sides. In this video, he says, “We have to see that we’re not in an economic battle for the future of America. We’re in a moral battle.” ITA.

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H/t to Bluebird of Bitterness and Grunt of Montecristo.

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