Barely a blip UPDATED

July 29, 2012: DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on “Face the Nation” (CBS)

After Dismal GDP Report, DNC Chair Says Things Are Turning Around [:40]

Let’s just put two things she says in context.

About the economy having contracted just before Obama took office … that contraction happened two years after DEMOCRATS took over majority control in Washington, during the two year period when Obama was in the Senate.

As for the “twelfth straight quarter of growth”, may I just say Big Freakin’ Whoop about that? She’s talking about increases in the GDP that are so small, they barely register on the only graph I really understand and care about, which is this one showing what percentage of Americans have JOBS.

10 pm Tuesday: UPDATED GRAPHIC with GOP Senate Majority Leaders fixed and new CSB’s URL! (Thank you, Auntie Lib!)

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Click on graphic to embiggen.

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H/t to Pistol Pete for W-S video and to Red Pill for data I used for the graph.


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4 responses to “Barely a blip UPDATED

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Here is another “blip” …

    Two weeks ago – July 13, 2012: Gallup
    Romney 45% vs. Obama 46% vs. Other 5% vs. Undecided 4%

    Yesterday – July 30, 2012: Rasmussen
    Romney 47% vs. Obama 44% vs. Other 5% vs. Undecided 4%



  2. Chrissy – The Senate majority leader in the 104th Congress was Bob Dole, followed by Trent Lott in the 105th and 106th, then Daschle, then Bill Frist in the 108th and 109th sessions. Neither Strom Thurman nor Ted Stevens ever held that position.


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