Get the govt jackboot off our necks!

Give the next 12 minutes of your life to hearing some serious common sense about the American businesses that create most of the jobs and wealth in this nation, including the wealth that gets funneled to the government to pay for roads, bridges and teachers.

Rep. Kelly’s Rousing Floor Speech Gets Standing Ovation [5:04]

ZoNation: Hippies and Liberals Are the Greedy Ones, Not Conservatives [6:52]

Zo talks about a drummer who forgot to bring his drum set to a band gig. How does an entire band drive itself to a gig without noticing they don’t have the DRUMS?! The sticks, sure. But for crying out loud … a trap set has five drums, a couple of cymbals, PLUS a seat for the drummer and all the stands the drums and cymbals need!


H/t to Pistol Pete for the videos.

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