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I didn’t post yesterday for obvious reasons.I considered taking the whole weekend off,but then I thought:who better to share the grief and pain with in order to cope than with you,my closest friends.I’m sorry there are no graphics posted,I do not have the vast library of images Chrissy does so I’ll have to make do.For the rest of this rant the soulless bastard who did it will be referred to as Piece Of Shit(POS).

I first heard of it early yesterday morning while I was delivering papers.When the initial shock passed,the first thing I thought of was how soon the left,as it always does,would somehow blame our side.They did not disappoint as reporters scrambled for something,anything to put on the air.First was professional hack Brian Ross who rushed to air accusations against a 58 year old Tea Party member with the same name.He had to retract it later,but you can’t unring the bell.Then came Nanny Bloomberg,Tiny Dancer and all the usual suspects squealing about tighter gun control.Turns out the weapons POS used were all purchased legally.As long as a US citizen commits no felony,he can be licensed to purchase firearms.All the armed security in the world could not have prevented what happened.

The only remedy I can see to prevent such tragedies from happening again is a national CCW law,so people may carry firearms if they are qualified.Despite the protestations of the left,licensed CCW people would not go around shooting people.But perhaps it would discourage those that do if they think a potential victim may not be totally helpless.

There is much more to be said,and you know I will say it.Most links today are related to yesterday,plus some videos I have cached  that you may enjoy.


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