The latest on Sheriff Joe’s investigation into Obama’s eligibility

The presser embedded at this URL is more than an hour long, but it’s REALLY IMPORTANT. It’s also fascinating. So make the time.

In brief, the long form birth certificate Obama posted on the White House web site is absolutely and positively a forgery.

You can look more closely at my download of this document as the guy on the video discusses it @

The Nordyke document is @

Even if Obama had a valid Hawaii birth certificate, the laws in Hawaii are so ridiculous, anyone who has a residence in Hawaii can wander into a Department of Health and say, “I want an American birth certificate. Here are my rent receipts.” (This is explained in the video in great detail.)

It’s disturbing, but also kind of comical just how many people could have cleared up the whole thing easily, but who refused. I can only conclude that they were okay with stonewalling, but were not going to perjure themselves.

Meanwhile, the sneering, hostile tone of the reporters’ questions at the end is unbelievable. Never mind how PATHETIC it is that VOLUNTEERS in ARIZONA had to do this work, because NOBODY ELSE WOULD.

Please listen to this carefully and all the way through. Then tell people about it.

BTW, I’ve read Corsi’s book, Where’s the Birth Certificate? It’s VERY well worth reading.

H/t to Red Pill for the presser link.


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6 responses to “The latest on Sheriff Joe’s investigation into Obama’s eligibility

  1. “The only real evidence we have that Obama was born anywhere is that…he’s here.” – Cold Case Posse


  2. GP

    I was listening to this last night, and I just keep wondering WHY this is still a question. It is so obvious he is hiding SOMETHING. Anyone can go to microfilm and get a copy of one’s original birth certificate. So WHY can’t we just see the microfilm!
    We all know this issue is typical alinsky tactic. We know there are bigger things hidden, and OBO’s campaign tried to sink Hillary by floating this to get her off the track of the real issue of his school records. Now the press dutifully falls in line every time this issue is brought up to make those who just want the truth seem like crazies.
    I don’t give a damn where he was born. I just want to know why he keeps lying and gets away with it! Isn’t there SOME member of the press who is willing to actually do some reporting? Nixon was taken down for “crimes” that pale in comparison to all the crap pulled by this man and his minions. Where are the Woodwards and Bernsteins these days????
    I sure hope Joe is vindicated some day for his dogged pursuit of the truth.
    Just tell us the damn truth!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Woodward and Bernstein were hacks. They had the financial and material support of the Washington Post.

      I’ll grant you that reporting the truth these days is a lot less dangerous than in, say, the USSR or Communist China. But it still takes a lot of guts and determination and creativity.

      H/t to Andrew Breitbart, Michelle Malkin, James O’Keefe, etc. These are my media heroes.


  3. For those interested, several bloggers who have been on this issue for over 4 years are discussing Sheriff Arpaio’s new conference at this post:


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