Walking back on another ethical issue

There’s nothing illegal about displaying the presidential seal at a political event. Most sitting presidents have done it. What’s obnoxious is the holier than thou policy they announced back in 2010 and are now ignoring.

It reminds me of Obama’s 2007 promise to use public campaign financing if his opponent did. That ethical standard was also abandoned when Obama started raking in millions and McCain had committed to the public spending limit of $84.1 million.

In fact, Obama was the first major-party presidential candidate to turn down public financing for a general election campaign since the system was created in the aftermath of Watergate.

And, being the schmuck he is, he said he was ONLY doing it because we had such a broken system and Republicans are so eeeeeeeeeeeevil that they game that broken system to win elections.

Riiight. It had NOTHING at ALL to do with the hundreds of millions you had pouring in to your campaign. Just like deciding to use the presitigious Presidential Seal at campaign events has NOTHING at ALL to do with your sagging support and crummy poll numbers. /sarc



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  1. He’s always played the blame game. Excessive use of executive orders and forcing unpopular legislation through congress might have something to do with his figures in the polls. Yet he still blames all his woes on the nasty ol’ GOP. Hubris doesn’t win elections.