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If you don’t know who it is,you must be new here

Just gonna throw a few things together today.We’re going to my oldest daughters house for a cookout and have some fun with some of my other grandchildren.Its supposed to be 101 here,so thank goodness for central air.



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Happy July 4th, 2012 !


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Packing is such a bore!

The Buzzers are moving to a new base soon, so that means Army Wife Extraordinaire (aka, Mama Buzz) has to PACK. Brrr.  They are HUGE fans of LEGO and often get sets for each other for holidays. Since they’ve been in this house for 3 years, that means a lot of LEGO creations that have stayed out on display. She got a tad distracted yesterday while packing it up.  LOL

I spotted one of Hagrid’s jack-o-lanterns (his hut came with some pumpkins
b/c he has a patch and one side has a carved face!) and made a quick headless
horseman with Voldemort’s body and one of our many skeleton horses (Castle
series…they’re a great blend with our Harry Potter stuff!)

This is only ONE of the dozen or so pictures she sent! LOL I even got a video of one of the Castle action sets in action. I dunno what it’s called, but it wheels around and shoots spears. Very cool. One time when she visited, she brought along the entire Harry Potter castle! I got to play with it until they left. They even have the Knight Bus! With three levels and beds that slide! 🙂

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