Important resource for your Pro-Life “Others”

June 29, 2012: Rasmussen poll of likely voters:

Obama 45% vs. Romney 44% vs. Other 5% vs. Undecided 6%

89% of us have made up our minds. We need to focus on identifying, schmoozing and educating the 11% who are still Other or Undecided.

Below is a good article to use for the Pro-Lifers you encounter who do not recognize the moral validity of “the lesser of two evils” and will ONLY vote for someone who is ideologically pure.

The gist of “Romney’s Conversion on Abortion—Is it Authentic?”

The conversion of a political candidate prior to an election is naturally met with questions and even skepticism. Mitt Romney has been no exception. It has led even the casual observer to say, “Is this authentic?”

When he was first elected Governor of Massachusetts, it was generally presumed that his position was “pro-choice.” However, in February 2005, Romney declared that he was pro-life.

He tells us that he started to change his mind in November 2004 when a Harvard stem cell scientist said to him, “Look, you don’t have to think about this stem cell research as a moral issue because we kill the embryos after fourteen days.”

The man was acknowledging that embryonic stem cell research did in fact kill human lives that were already in existence.

Wanting to know more, Romney consulted a Pro-Life physician and professor at Stanford University Medical Center Neuroscience Institute. The two of them met for several hours, discussing the issue in great detail. After this, Romney stated that he was pro-life.

Life Issues Institute and I are confident that Governor Romney’s conversion is real, heartfelt and authentic.

The article also talks about the Pro-Life conversion of George H.W. Bush. You can read the entire article @


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8 responses to “Important resource for your Pro-Life “Others”

  1. GP

    Reagan changes his mind on many things as well.
    I think we all do as we mature. The thing to look at is-
    Was a change sincere or was it political?
    It was obvious that Reagan believed what he was saying, just as Bush did (even when we thought he was not acting like a conservative with his drug and no child programs).
    You can see it in their eyes.
    I still can’t read Romney.
    Will keep trying.


  2. If we believe in conversion of heart, we should give the benefit of the doubt. Cynicism is not going to help the Pro-Life cause.


  3. Well, we know exactly where our current president stands on the issue, don’t we? He wants as many dead babies as possible. He doesn’t want anyone punished with a baby. He doesn’t want laws that would prevent the killing of babies who somehow survive abortion. He wants to force all of us to support abortionists with our tax dollars. He’s the most pro-death president this country has ever had, and that’s saying a lot. We need to get rid of him before he can do even more damage than he’s already done.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I saw a powerful video about a young woman whose sibs all came home so she would have support while she told her parents she was pregnant. Before they went in, a sister asked how she felt. She said, “Ashamed. Afraid of what they’ll say.” The sister, a very wise young woman said, “That’s going to be over soon. But if you had aborted, you would feel like that for the rest of your life.”

      I’ve talked with post-abortive people … a dad (against his will), a mom (dragged her daughter to the clinic), some women who were okay with their decision until they accepted Christ, then had to cope with it. I’ve also helped a woman through an unwanted pregnancy for which she chose adoption and lived through my own unplanned, very high risk pregnancy that damaged my fragile health so much I never could care for my kids by myself again.

      None of it is easy. Pregnancy is a big deal even when you’ve planned and hoped for it and have everything you could possibly need in the way of support, health care, baby supplies, etc. It’s a lot harder when some or all of that is missing.

      But when it gets right down to it, civilized people do not kill the innocent to solve their problems.


      • Chrissy, thank you for your excellent and thoughtful reply. An excellent site for those dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, or the emotional repercussions of an abortion, is:

        Also, a great ministry to support young women dealing with a wide range of tough situations, of which unplanned pregnancy is just one of many, is:


      • I agree with RP, Chrissy. Great reply! And God bless you for your own brave decisions and example to others. I’d also second RP’s ref to SilentNoMore. I know some of them, and they’re great folks. Happy 4th! 🙂


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Thank you both. And thanks for the links! If anyone reading this is worried about going to Christians, that there will be judgment, condemnation … don’t. It’s like AA. We’ve all sinned. That’s why we love Jesus so MUCH. He saved us and set us free.