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The original intent was to take at least a week off,as one would take time off work to mourn the passing of a loved one.After much prayer and meditation I felt that the burden of sorrow becomes lighter when you look to your family and friends for solace.When we lift our voices in unison,perhaps a compassionate God will guide us through these rocky shoals.

First,I’ve never been much of a silver-lining guy.Second place in a contest is the first loser.I fear that what has been done to us cannot be undone.If anybody can name a federal program that ever went away once it’s been established,please let me know.The fallback position for any liberal is that a failed policy just needs more money.The thought that it was a bad idea to begin with never occurs to them.Obamacare is here to stay,folks,get used to it.

There is strong evidence Benedict Roberts had originally sided with the constitutionalists on the court.Remember when I said Obama knew what the vote was minutes after it was done,thanks probably to Kagan?Do you recall how he stormed in front of the cameras,wagged his finger and warned the court about taking the ‘unprecedented’ step of overturning established law?Roberts even lobbied Kennedy hard to switch so all the blame would not fall on him.The reasons he sold the country out are known only to him,but I get the sense he knew what he was doing because immediately afterward he hopped a plane to Malta,which he referred to as ‘an isolated island fortress.’ Obama even gave him travel expenses–thirty pieces of silver.

That puddle of pudding,Boehner,boldly announced a July 11 vote to repeal Obamatax.To what end?It’s going nowhere,everybody knows it.Just a little something to tell the folks at home.McConnell has previously stated they have no intention of repealing it,and I doubt Romney would have the stomach for it either.There will be no happy ending.

Obama lied when he said it wasn’t a tax!We can nail him because he lied.Guess what?People know he lied.They think most politicians lie.Taxes only hurt those who are working.The democrat base is the very rich, who don’t care about the money,and the poor, who don’t pay anything anyway.As long as they get their free stuff,it’s all good.

What do you suppose he hired those 16,000 IRS agents for?Rush said yesterday that they will have the power to go into any business and get your payroll records and know what both you and your family make.If  they feel you’re not paying enough, or none at all for your insurance,even if your company has dropped coverage for their employees,they have the power to deduct monies from your check,as they do with FICA and withholding.This is enumerated in the first response,entitled ‘the ten worst things about Obamacare.’



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Open Thread for July 3, 2012

This is frequently attributed to Donald Trump. Snopes says the real author is anonymous.
Chrissy’s Site Bites @ http://news.webshots.com/photo/2807390700056011884Ilrxvo
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Important resource for your Pro-Life “Others”

June 29, 2012: Rasmussen poll of likely voters:

Obama 45% vs. Romney 44% vs. Other 5% vs. Undecided 6%

89% of us have made up our minds. We need to focus on identifying, schmoozing and educating the 11% who are still Other or Undecided.

Below is a good article to use for the Pro-Lifers you encounter who do not recognize the moral validity of “the lesser of two evils” and will ONLY vote for someone who is ideologically pure.

The gist of “Romney’s Conversion on Abortion—Is it Authentic?”

The conversion of a political candidate prior to an election is naturally met with questions and even skepticism. Mitt Romney has been no exception. It has led even the casual observer to say, “Is this authentic?”

When he was first elected Governor of Massachusetts, it was generally presumed that his position was “pro-choice.” However, in February 2005, Romney declared that he was pro-life.

He tells us that he started to change his mind in November 2004 when a Harvard stem cell scientist said to him, “Look, you don’t have to think about this stem cell research as a moral issue because we kill the embryos after fourteen days.”

The man was acknowledging that embryonic stem cell research did in fact kill human lives that were already in existence.

Wanting to know more, Romney consulted a Pro-Life physician and professor at Stanford University Medical Center Neuroscience Institute. The two of them met for several hours, discussing the issue in great detail. After this, Romney stated that he was pro-life.

Life Issues Institute and I are confident that Governor Romney’s conversion is real, heartfelt and authentic.

The article also talks about the Pro-Life conversion of George H.W. Bush. You can read the entire article @ http://www.lifenews.com/2012/06/19/put-the-debate-to-rest-mitt-romney-is-genuinely-pro-life/


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A big punch in the stomach to middle class families

Not A Tax Increase? [:32]

President Obama promised that his healthcare law was not a tax increase, but now we know it is actually one of largest tax increases in history.

WSJ Chief Economist: 75% of Obamacare Costs Will Fall on Backs of Those Making $120K or Less [2:14]

Stephen Moore, Senior Economics Writer with the Wall Street Journal, told FOX and Friends this morning that nearly 75% of Obamacare costs will fall on the backs of those Americans making less than $120,000 a year.

People who do not have health insurance are already subject to the penalty of whatever natural consequences occur from not having health insurance.

I knew a woman once who suffered kidney failure while uninsured. She was treated, she survived and she told me she’d spend the rest of her life making payments to the hospital. There’s your penalty. People who have assets get those assets attached, the same as anyone else who incurs a debt. People who have no assets get thrown into the Medicaid-Medicare system they already qualified for anyway.

ObamaCare is not about improving access to or reducing the cost of health care. It’s about driving everyone into a single, government-run plan so that the people at the top can exercise total control over a huge portion of the economy as well as over our very lives.

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No to 4 more years of excuses

American Crossroads: “Wah Wahhh” [1:25]

One claim he makes (ten years to recover) in this video is absolutely FALSE.

Chrissy’s Site Bites @ http://news.webshots.com/photo/2023608170056011884sSupNY

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Shame on you, Barack Obama!

June 29, 2012: Shame On You ad from Romney campaign

I love it … pitting Obama’s own Secretary of State against him. And can you believe, the Dem’drooling Washington Post criticizing Obama so harshly? LOL I googled for the source of the WaPo quote. Here it is:

June 21, 2012: 4 Pinocchios for Obama’s newest anti-Romney ad By Glenn Kessler

Voiceover of new Barack Obama campaign ad: “Running for governor, Mitt Romney campaigned as a job creator. But as a corporate raider, he shipped jobs to China and Mexico. As governor, he did the same thing: Outsourcing state jobs to India.

I have faulted the obama campaign several times for these exact same claims. Apparently, they don’t pay much attention, since this latest ad combines all of the claims I’ve proved false into a single 30-second ad.

Simply repeating the same debunked claims won’t make them any more correct! Let’s look anew at this material.

In the world of finance, the phrase “corporate raider” refers to an investor who buys a large number of shares in a corporation whose assets appear to be undervalued with the intention of using share-holder voting rights to push for changes in the company’s leadership and management. This is generally an adversarial stance, in which the investor uses stock-holder voting rights to push management to spin off assets, take the company private or break it up.

We have closely studied Bain Capital and can find no examples that come close to this situation. Even former Obama auto czar Steven Rattner says, “Bain Capital is not now, nor has it ever been, some kind of Gordon Gekko-like, fire-breathing corporate raider that slashed and burned companies, immolating jobs wherever they appear in its path.”

The Obama campaign rests its “outsourcing at Bain” case on three examples of Bain-controlled companies sending jobs overseas. But only one of the examples — involving Holson Burns Group — took place when Romney was actively managing Bain Capital. One time does not make a pattern.

The claim that Romney outsourced jobs as governor is equally overblown. Governor Romney did veto a bill that would have prohibited Massachusetts from outsourcing the state’s work to other countries. Clearly, there was little real support on either side of the aisle for this bill, since both the liberal editorial page of the Boston Globe and the conservative editorial page of the Boston Herald urged him to veto it and when he did, the Democratic-dominated Massachusetts legislature did not override his veto. (It did overturn 117 others.)

The above was CONDENSED by CtH for clarity. You can read the original @ http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checker/post/4-pinocchios-for-obamas-newest-anti-romney-ad/2012/06/20/gJQAGux6qV_blog.html

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