PinocchiO the _Resident does it again

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3 responses to “PinocchiO the _Resident does it again

  1. GP

    It doesn’t matter if what he says is true or not. His lies will be all over the air waves and dumb mucks will believe it. No one in the press will ever call him out on his “statistics”.
    I still find it so hard to believe so many people are blinded by his lies.
    Thank God we are not ruled by the mob and have a Republic.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      And the internet, color printers, our feet and the postal service … so WE can advertise his lies far and wide. I think we need to lean and lean HARD on the issues that most concern the Undecideds and Third Partiers.

      I’m not sure about the latter … don’t know any … but I am very familiar with the Undecideds. They do NOT vote party line or single issue, but read and talk to folks on both sides, think hard and carefully balance all the issues they care about most.

      IMHO, the one thing that most influences them is CHARACTER. I know that has always been my big thing. Platforms are fine and checking a candidate’s voting record is important. But what really matters when someone is actually in office, wielding tremendous power and making difficult decisions in situations where noone can truly foresee the outcomes … that’s CHARACTER.

      And what I looked above all else were integrity, strength and humility.

      If I were still a wishy-washy, apolitical voter watching the alphabet media, I might be thinking Obama was doing a good job. But once the blatant, repeated lies he’s spewed were pointed out to me, he’d have been dead to my vote forever.

      This is why I do so many of these type graphics. It’s what would have convinced me.


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